Summer Vacation Begins in HOW Many Days? Help!!!

Summer vacation isn’t here yet, and I have already had to threaten our three boys that I will make them carry a “Complaint Journal.”  I am thinking if they have to document how much they complain by “complaint” and “time” it may be an  eye opening experience for them.
Conversation ended with me threatening second “Smart A$$ Comment Journal”.
 Lord grant me patience and ability to convey a grateful heart to little children.
They may need to wear backpacks all summer for all their record keeping.
I know the kids are ready for summer vacation but ARE YOU?
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16 thoughts on “Summer Vacation Begins in HOW Many Days? Help!!!

  1. They are really cute! Most people look forward to summer. My son bugs me ever single day of it. How can I look forward to that? Hoping he finds a summer job. Maybe two.

    • Hoe old is he? My husband and I grew up VERY rural and because of how bored and lonely we were we chose to live in a neighborhood. My older boys I can drop off now at the driving range or pool and that helps a lot!

    • Mine would live outdoors and when we get into the August “bored of doing the same things for two months” I let them organize a scheduled “water war” with the kids on our street. The planning alone keeps them busy for a few days. And also with you!

  2. I have been thinking about this same thing! On one side, I am excited for summer, and on the other hand, looking at the top picture on your post reminds me of the classic “I’m bored” phrase that will last all summer long.

  3. Love the pictures – I see that boys are real fun – a handful but you never know what they’re going to be up to next – and you must struggle hard not to laugh sometimes, I’m sure. Summer is here in all it’s glory in India – thankfully we’re heading off to cooler climes tomorrow – but only for a week. Look forward to catching up on your blog when I get back, Abbie.

    • Oh, I hope you have a lovely time! I have heard that summers can get very hot in India. Where we live we can drive 50 minutes in the summer up into the mountains and the temperature will drop 20 degrees.

    • This is why we live in a house on a “Tom Sawyer” pond and creek and with a golf course, pool and tennis court… We have three boys that we need to keep busy. Th complaining they do is why I won’t let them bring one of each type of critter they find to live in our house. They really were mad when I told them they had to stop “digging the cave” because they were about to uproot a full size tree. Thank for wishing me luck!

    • Thanks! They are good, despite all the trash talking I do about them. Ha ha! The faces they are making in the pictures is because they are sick of getting their picture taken. So they shoot me, “The Look” when they are done. They get that from me. 😉

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