Will Wrestle For Photo




6 thoughts on “Will Wrestle For Photo

  1. Adorable! These pics remind me of the old photo booths you’d find at fairs. Who needs photo booths when you’ve got the 3-pics per sec option on your digital camera? Love this post. Thanks!

    • Ha ha! So true. My Mac has the Photobooth program so you just set the laptop down in front of you and it takes four. I love it because my boys are usually willing to ham it up and that is about as close as they want to get to me, except Peter who would be a baby kangaroo until he was about 20. The kid would probably be willing to get rid of his dad so he could get more alone time. You have to love that seven year-olds still love their mammas!

    • Exactly! I didn’t post the picture where I licked Mitchel’s cheek. That is always how I break up a stress moment. “If you don’t stop I’m going to lick your eyelid/nose!” Their reaction is always priceless.
      My little one, Peter, is me as a boy. My twins are my mom and they were born on her birthday, so how weird is that? My husband is often told he looks just like Conan O’Brian and I don’t have any mini Conan’s. That would be kind of cool, eh?

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