Summer Vacation Begins in HOW Many Days? Help!!!

Summer vacation isn’t here yet, and I have already had to threaten our three boys that I will make them carry a “Complaint Journal.”  I am thinking if they have to document how much they complain by “complaint” and “time” it may be an  eye opening experience for them.
Conversation ended with me threatening second “Smart A$$ Comment Journal”.
 Lord grant me patience and ability to convey a grateful heart to little children.
They may need to wear backpacks all summer for all their record keeping.
I know the kids are ready for summer vacation but ARE YOU?
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Super Hero Birthday Party

I took the pictures a few years ago to make a comic book invitation for my twins 8th birthday.  We wanted to rent an obstacle course inflatable.  The idea is that the Super Heros were getting lazy and they needed training camp.  The kids all came dresed up as a “Super”.  We rented the obstacle course from a picture on the internet the size of my thumbnail.  It was a miracle no one died during the birthday party.  We had no idea how HUGE it was…but the party was a HIT!  Ha ha!