I can prove it…I have pictures!

“You did WHAT Boys?

That is me, Abbie and that is what I say, a lot.  It is so nice to meet you!  I hope to throw myself under the bus regularly to make you laugh.  It’s easy.  Mad chaos follows me around and they call me “Mom”.  I am married with three boys, (so that’s like having four boys right?)  I am a self employed nanny, chef, household coordinator, assistant to “The Chief”, and ALL WITH A SMILE…hiding my teeth grinding and remembering what it was like to work in the corporate world where I got pats on the back and no one ever threw a sippy cup at my head while I was sleeping and yelled, “MO!!!!!!”

What you cannot see on the floor behind me is my constant pile of clothes I am trying to fold, at all times.

 Let me help you.

I should be happy to be folding clothes because that would mean I am not pulling a slug off of someone or cleaning milkshake off the ceiling…

or for that matter, getting the legos out of the blender.

I can help you with that one too.

I started sharing my favorite stories in March of 2012.

I have written them down for years, (check out the “Why” tab) and I take pictures of everything.  Clearly.

Avery is really is not happy

because I am taking a picture

instead of helping him

get the bag off of his head

He is 4 in this photo

Avery is the “oldest” of the twins and likes to say since they are identicals and came from the same egg he “made” Mitchell.   Avery is now 12.

Mitchell just happy I’m taking

his picture despite not being able

to get the bag stuck on his head.

He is 4 in this photo.

Mitchell is 12 now and he says he is a “chick maggot”.

This is our Peter.

Enough said.

Peter is four in this photo.

Peter is now seven…

…and has had an entire post dedicated to things he said called,

“The $hit my kid says is funnier than the $hit your dad says.”


Jim is my husband and while he was in medical school I began emailing him stories of our kids for him to read when he had a minute or two knowing he was missing out on these “priceless” moments.  It may have also have been to explain my future trip to the nut house that I didn’t realize was an unobtainable goal.

I would send our favorite story in our annual Christmas letter and then when people were requesting I add them to the mailing list to get the “DREADED” Christmas letter I decided this may be a better idea.

She doesn’t care where she sleeps as long as its on me.

Our Mutt Lilly (if she could talk)  “My brothers have found a new way to entertain themselves… When I am outside they yell, “Lilly in the house!” The funny part to them and not me is when I barrel through the yard and leap up the stairs and…this is the part that makes them laugh…I slam face first into a SHUT door. I don’t mind. I like making them laugh but our mom made them stop.

What I cannot figure out is why they have “The Real Housewives of…” but no one has a reality show of what a REAL housewife’s life is like. We have the most crazy fun REAL times in a crazy fun real gated community with our families.  The best part is that we know how abnormal it all is and we go with it.

This is an updated “Us” page.  Still enjoying spring break with the kids.  WHy did we drive several states away to go to a Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati, Ohio?  Medical conference as an excuse for hubby to take us all to a water park…as Peter said…”I can see my breath in Ohio!”  Ha ha!  Baby, that is why we moved south from Michigan!  Back home today!  Hope ya’ll had a great spring break!

11 thoughts on “I can prove it…I have pictures!

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    • Legos in the blender! Legos in the stinkin’ blender. I signed up for muddy footprints and begging for stuff at Target. Even booze comes with a warning label. I think I may title a post that. Thanks for commenting and the compliments. I had to take 400 photos on my laptop and talk sweet to the photoshop to get one or two pics that resembled what I look like in my head! He he he. 😉

  3. First of all, you are so pretty 🙂 Second of all, God help you with all those crazy boys. Third of all, I LOVE your writing!

    • Awww…your so sweet. You said “writing.” I think of it as typing what would come out of my mouth and that is hard enough at times to understand so that is a very flattering compliment! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. It means so much.

    • We have grandparents on either side of us and last night two of the grandsons were talked into going into the pond for frogs, fish and tadpoles. Bahahaha! Thank God they like us. I have NO IDEA why! I am sure we have brought down property values!

    • A girl has to shower! As I step out of the shower the twins yelled, “Mommy, we make milkshake!” I ran through the house naked. Ironically, the chocolate milkshake on my ceiling is recent. One of the 12 years olds dropped a mug and it just bounced! Ugh! I have smears now. That does NOT come off ceiling paint. WHen I buy regular wall paint I always say it has to pass the Dorito, peanut butter, southern clay hand test and then scrubbing test. Never dreamed I would have to test the flipping ceiling paint. Ha ha!

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