Advice from Anyone Reading this Regularly or Accidentally

I have been cheating.  I have been cheating on my friends at WordPress.  I had a story I wanted to write but it was such a heavy story I didn’t think I should “drag down” my handful of readers at WordPress.  I am “Funny Abbie” on WordPress.  Right?!

I have been copying my posts onto BlogHer and I recently saw they were looking for Mother’s Day posts to feature and well, since you know we all already know WHY I WILL NEVER BE FRESHLY PRESSED…

if you don’t click here…

I decided I to write a Mother’s Day post about my mom.  That is when things took a turn towards “Downesrville.”

Guess what?  BlogHer loved “Depressing Abbie!”  Well, I am just putting it that way to try and be funny.

Here is my predicament…

Do I share this story on WordPress and run away 3 of my 12 readers because I haven’t been true to what content I have been keeping or do I start another blog with “heavier content?”

Next question…

I wrote a very funny story recently with some raging exaggerations, (for the sake of humor) about my in-laws.  Funny, funny, funny stuff.  While I really haven’t shared this blog with more than three people I know and one of those people continues to remind me she does NOT read blogs and NEVER will, (she’s pissed I am not playing tennis this spring with her.) If you’re here reading this, (you know who you are) then well bahahahaha!  Do I need a third blog where I’m anonymous because while this in-law story is mostly (NOT) fake my in-laws may one day have someone print up my story and mail it to them via the post office.  Nothing good would come from my in-laws reading what is going on between my ears.


Do I stay true to “All that makes you…” and delete that “cry” tab and post tomorrow about going to the Van Halen concert last Saturday and why I had to ask a stranger to “Promise you wont steal a kidney, OK?” and get back to “Funny Abbie”

Or do I post the “Mother’s Day” story that was “featured” and let me all hang out?

Can I tell a story about my in-laws with some exaggerations for the sake of making the world a little happier?  Do I need a third blog that is just my imagination based off of real events that I have to make up in my head to keep from killing people?  This was never an issue before as I never said the narrative that plays in my head, out loud.  It may even be relief for my in-laws as they would then have an explanation as to why I chuckle to myself the entire time they are around.

Ohhhh but I am sure no one has done a post about proposing a bill to be able to drop off your in-laws at a “safe haven” no questions asked.  I’m like the kid with the latest sneakers and I can’t walk down my street.

What do you want to read when you stop by “All that makes you..?”

Do I just continue my quest to be Freshly Pressed and post the pictures I take around my yard like this one I took a couple of days ago?  No editing on this required, not one adjustment, nature is beautiful…

Is it ok to mix things up?

-Abbie (the mostly funny, crazy mamma, gardening to watch beauty grow, introspective and sometime tells a sad story Abbie)

24 thoughts on “Advice from Anyone Reading this Regularly or Accidentally

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  3. really don’t worry about posting a ‘depressing’ piece thats all i’ve managed to post so far and i got featured on blogher too. and besides because of it you now have a new reader (me) who created a wordpress account just so i could follow you. i’m feeling slightly stalkerish right now but i really enjoy your writing. regards- toradora(blogher) insomuch here
    please pease have a look at my rather sad (and small ) blog on blog her and give me some tips or critique if you have the time…i’m very new to all this.

  4. It is up and posted and I added photos. If she was alive she would burn my house down. Really. I had to chuckle that I shared this with a cousin, (like a sister) last night and her reply was along the lines of that she totally agrees but she was still a cool aunt since she would send a cab to your school to help you play hooky and she gave her, her first cocktail when she was like 5 or 6. That is much more attractive on an aunt versus a mom.

  5. While I haven’t read your “BlogHer” post, the reality is you should write for you, not everyone else. The moment you try to figure out what the readers like you’re no longer speaking in your own voice. It’s the Peter Frampton syndrome. One massive killer live album then he tries to write hit after hit and ends up making a bad Bee Gees version of Sergeant Pepper’s on the big screen. Nobody wants that.
    You should write for you. If that means you want to be a little down, so be it. If you want to poke fun at your relatives, well, they know you better than everyone else here. Once you try to predict what they want you become predictable and you’re no longer what they came here for – you – the real you. Write about yourself and what you want to write about and people will return.

    • Thanks for the advice and I think your totally right. That is why I started this whole “thing.” If you read some of my replies to the replies I think you will see the evolution of my decision. Thanks! Have to love this community.

  6. Abbie, I’m in total agreement with everyone here – and I say, go ahead and mix it up; because it’s all part of “all that makes you” YOU … and we love you … funny, crazy, wild … and sad. It does bring us closer to who you really are, and I love your postings. I, too, deviated from my blog by posting something awhile back that was really heart-breaking, and was scared to death to do it. But it was not only accepted as part of who I am, that post connected with so many women who struggled with the same situation, and appreciated knowing they weren’t alone ….

    I love your blog – the good, bad and ugly of life is what draws us all closer to each other.

    • You know, that is what I keep getting in the replies on BlogHer, people relate and we are all part of some kind of community. That was the whole idea of doing this under the name, “All that makes you…” I wanted to touch people. Thank you for always encouraging me!

  7. As a new reader I’m here because of your hilariousness (hilariosity? whatever) but see that you’re supposed to be writing about what makes us laugh AND cry, among other things. For what it’s worth, I say include it all here. Just don’t stop with the laughs.

    • Awwww…you think I am funny! I love it. 🙂 SO I have decided to post it because like you said, I am supposed to be writing about all the things in my title. Now I have to grow a pair and hit that button…
      See the comments above and thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  8. I found that reader like to see your range. Just warn them that what they are about to read is not the light fare they are used to. I’m also known for being funny, but I’ve posted serious poetry and serious essays. My readers keep to come back and I often draw in a few more. Go for it!

  9. I love reading your blog because I find your perspective interesting, whether it’s funny or poignant. I think if you just keep writing from the heart your readers will stick with you (I know I will). I’d prefer you DON’T start more blogs because I don’t want to have to track you down to read your stuff. Just stay true to you and don’t worry about pandering to an audience. I want to know what makes you tick, regardless of if it’s hilarious or a tear-jerker. That’s just life. 🙂

  10. I think you should be yourself and share what is on your mind. No one is expected to be funny all the time, likewise no one is expected to be depressing all the time. Would really want a blog all about your depressing stories? The more you put of yourself out to your readers the closer they feel to you. The more we get to see the whole picture of who Abbie is and where she came from. It’s your blog do what you will with it.
    Personally, I have seen a spike of readers on the days I vent my frustrations. Go figure.

    • Ohhhhh….this isn’t a venting post. I am going to post it. I have decided. It is me and who I am. Every year I like myself a little more and every year is a gift. The story is about kind of exactly that. I will share it.
      Thanks for helping me decide.

  11. I read the “depressing” post on twitter and I thought it was beautiful. I think it’s still consistent with the Abbie we read here – the girl who thrives in the chaos! (I’m one myself so I can relate to all of it). But I understand your hesitation. I posted something “heavy” last week and was terrified. I was surprised how well it was received. And then I just posted something funny the next day. It all worked out…

  12. Mix it up. Life is funny…and sad…and ridiculous. Just because you have a sense of humor and like to lighten the mood doesn’t mean real life doesn’t happen. As for hyperbole – I think as long as it’s clear that you’re exaggerating for the sake of a laugh (and you’re willing to live with the reprocussions of your “subject” matter) then go forth and poke fun at those in-laws. 🙂

    • You and I must have come from the same brain designer. That is why I titled my first-ever-show-my-underwear-how-do-you-like-me-now-BLOG, “All that makes you…” All I have been sharing so far have been the things that may make someone smile.
      The in-law story… Oh the in-law story. I may need a whole separate blog. I have a fab story of the housewarming gift we got. I don’t make fun of people like this, hmmmmm. I have to tell the story of the giant light up waterfall mirror they got for us to hang next to the front door. Like giant. Like Chinese restaurant in the suburbs. Oh Lord help me. I am going to have to get a divorce just to keep writing,

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