My post last night ended with me on the phone until after 1:00am with my sister.  I love my sister.  I left a little party because my sis texted me that my post about our mom, “blew up on FaceBook.”

I walked home and called her.  Thank you Gray Goose for making it so very easy to talk.  No thanking FaceBook for making people call my sister crying. All she knew about my story was I told her I wrote a Mother’s Day post about Mom and it was well received.  We talk.  We talk a lot.  She doesn’t read what I write because…we talk.  She was younger and doesn’t remember as much and everyone is something different to each person.  We talked about that in great detail.  Anyway, I woke up feeling the effects of vodka and brain overload.

Guess what our twin twelve year old boys wanted to demonstrate first thing this morning?  Can you believe they have figured out how to play “We Will Rock You” on their trumpet and trombone…with their feet!  Yes, they blow with their mouths but they are using their feet too.  Amazing right?  Get me some ________ Motrin.


I just attached this because doesn’t everyone need a weekend funny?  Old picture and why does he have on a diaper?  I think he was having trouble at night and when he woke up he ran right out to help dad cut up a branch that had fallen from a storm.  Could just eat him up!


7 thoughts on “Motrin???!!!

  1. I am so glad I happened across your blog….((((((HUGS))))) however…sorta late to party….but TAG you are it! Please stop by my blog….you don’t want to be it forever….and this is not freeze tag! 🙂

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