Heading Out…

Walked by this on the grocery store shelf.  This is the stuff that feeds my soul.  Does that mean I’m going to hell?  I know God has a sense of humor.  I say that more than probably anything.

It is way too nice to be inside today so I’m heading out with the kids.  I have told them if they run the vacuum I will let them set up the water slide.  Yes, it is THAT nice out!

You have to have a “Ghost BustersVacuum cleaner if you want any boy participation.

I also told the boys they have to pick up all the dog poo in the yard before we blow up the water slide.  I know!  I am sooooo smart vacuuming and poo removal!!!

I will snap some pictures to share of them out today because this is the kind of Sunday we are going to have…

I have four stories to share with you I’m currently working on.  See…

Then Lilly started asking me to stop and take her out by the pond.  There are so many baby ducks and geese to see.

Don’t worry, she is terrified by them and wont hurt them.  Have a great Sunday and see you tomorrow!

-Abbie, allthatmakesyou.com

13 thoughts on “Heading Out…

  1. I think Lola has that Buzz Lightyear cup! But how the Hell would I have not noticed the obvious ick factor!? Maybe she has a different one. Or maybe ‘sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’.

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    • Except when you are an almost 40 year old woman and you get hot easily! I thought it would be brilliant but I find myself dragging out my canister. I have tried every style of vacuum and I still haven’t found one that will clean the floors while I don’t. I even tried the robot but it was always yelling to empty it or falling down stairs or out of charge or getting “attacked” by three boys. You can’t have a “robot” in a house with three boys and NOT expect some “battling” going on with robot vacuums.

    • The problem is I stop to take photos of so many things with MY PHONE, (as if I have any photo skills) I must look like a mad woman. Giggling, alone, in the grocery store. Get to work! Since I started doing this two months ago I realized a small animal could eat off my floor and survive. I have to go scrub floors…

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