The “Starving Season” has begun

My husband Jim calls this time of year the “Starving Season”.  It isn’t because I’m getting ready for swimsuit season it’s because I wont feed him!  Specifically, I won’t come in to make them all food to eat.  That is an actual picture from last night of our golf cart lighting up the flower bed so I could finish mulching.  No making fun of me for using the golf cart like a John Deer Gator.  I have been asking Santa for a Bobcat for years.

I am preoccupied with what is popping up in the yard, the smell of hyacinths, how many more leaves are on each tree compared to the day before, what to plant that can survive little boys walking on and riding their bikes across…

how to hunt down the person that came up with the idea of fiberglass pots and string them up by their toes…

how to grow giant carrots at your front door to use as Easter Bunny bait…

figuring out a way to have one pot of tulips on the kitchen table for weeks by planting them in the fall in inserts and in stages..

Look closely...

having what I need close by so there is no excuse for an unattractive flower…

how to bring as many flowers into the house because eventually it will rain and I will have to come inside.

It all comes down to when I will feed these boys, (I am including my husband in this brood.)  I have a seven year old that is talking about dinner as we’re eating breakfast.  I just found out that he has a “second breakfast” at school everyday.  They all have eating habits like Hobbits, dinner, second dinner, dessert, customary bedtime chocolate malt because I am told it isn’t another dessert but a drink.  Do you have any idea how much ice cream I buy?  If they weren’t all so darn skinny and active I would make them cut back.

I am bad, bad, bad because of my anticipation of being unable to come in and cook I BOUGHT A BOX OF DRIVE THRU TACOS!  I did.  Genius.  I am a hero to the kids. My husband gave me a head tilt smirk as if to say, “I want real food”…but he ate it.

I got to play in the yard until 9:00pm.  Success, I thought.  I finally came in the house and I had to make them Malt O Meal at 9:30pm.  How many more weeks until the pool opens and I have to wear a swimsuit?  I do not have a Hobbits metabolism at my age but I do kind of live in the dirt. 😉

I’ve been posting for a couple of weeks now.  Please follow my blog, leave suggestions, comment, like…  I need encouragement.  If you need a good laugh read, “I forgot to tell them to keep your heads out of the toilet”  I want to create a place for people to go and read a quick story that gives them a smile or a laugh.  A story they can relate to.  A place to hit after you have read the news in the school drop off/pick up line or while your waiting on the side of a practice field.

All that makes you smile, laugh, think, love, cry or cry laughing.

12 thoughts on “The “Starving Season” has begun

  1. Ah, the “second breakfast” at school. I know all about that! One day the school lunch manager called me and informed me that my son had a balance of over $20. I insisted that was impossible because I packed his lunch nearly every day. And if it was a day when I didn’t for whatever reason (which was a rare occasion), I always gave him money. She said that he was eating breakfast there every morning for the past couple weeks. She must have thought I was an awful mom for starving him during the most important meal of the day and not even giving him money to buy it at school. However, I was feeding him breakfast every single morning! Then he was going to school and eating another breakfast! She laughed when I told her and said, “He’s a growing boy!” What’s even more funny was that she said that he would come to the check out line and say, “Just charge it to my account.” LOL.

    What’s wrong with drive-thru tacos every once in a while? Momma needs a break too, even if it’s for an entire season. =) Those tulips and flowers are beautiful, btw.

  2. I love that you planted by golf cart. When I lived in Brooklyn I planted by street light more than once. I’ve also planted by flashlight when I didn’t have the street light option

  3. I have hope my Peter, who is seven, will be cooking for them all soon. I left him with my uncle for the day while I went out shopping with my aunt. When she called to check up on them my uncle said our Peter had made them lunch. He even heats up good leftovers when he wants a snack.

  4. during gardening season our kids called dinner “fend for yourself.” mom was having too much fun to cook.

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