Dear Parent’s Who Do Not Think All Americans Should Have the Same Rights,

Dear Fellow Parents in North Carolina,

Please stop asking me to “Get out and vote FOR the marriage amendment” and that “You believe marriage is between one man and one woman.”

It makes me lose respect for you.  It makes me think you aren’t very intelligent.  It makes me think you’re insensitive, and that you would feed my children to yours if you had to.  It makes me think you will find a Bible verse to justify it.  It just makes me not like you.

Here is what the voters in North Carolina are presented with this week…

Marriage Amendment 1

The measure would define marriage in the state constitution as between one man and one woman, and would ban any other type of “domestic legal union” such as civil unions and domestic partnerships.[1][2]

Same-sex marriage is already illegal in the state of North Carolina. The proposed measure, however, would add the ban to the state constitution.[3]

How is it possible that a country that was founded on the idea of religious freedom and separation of church and state be so forgetful?  How can the Unites States of America, that invades other countries in the name freedom, want to discriminate against two people who want to be together but do not have the proper anatomy to be considered the “opposite sex?”

How can a sweet, southern accent, blond bob, fellow mom that has a glass of wine with me and shares stories about our funny and adorable kids spew this insanity?

How can you know your children are going to be straight or gay?  How do you know that if one of you children announces in twenty years that they are in love with someone and want to share their life with them that you will be able to say “those words”, then, that you are plastering all over FaceBook, now?  How can you look at your child and tell them that their love is less valuable than the love of two people who do not have the same “private parts?”  How can you teach your children to love and to be “Godly” and to not judge and yet you are?

You are judging based on your religious beliefs with the same tenacity that people across the world have when they strip away the rights of people, in the name of religion.  In Afghanistan women aren’t allowed to drive.  I am sure you believe that is just ridiculous.  The law banning female drivers is based on their religion.  A religion that brought people to our great country to seek religious freedom and personal rights.

Your religion should not be dictating our laws.  This is what founded this country.  We believed in freedom for all.  We believed to be treated equally.  Why should opposite sex couples be allowed more freedoms than same-sex couples?  If you don’t like it based on your religious beliefs then don’t let them get married in your church.

I cannot imagine that your loving, forgiving and accepting God would want you to judge.  I don’t care what version of the Bible your reading.  My God is loving.  He created us and he created us all different.  I refuse to deny rights to Americans because of sexual orientation and I refuse to believe that homosexuality is a choice and something you can get “help” for.

How can you say your “proud to be an American” and yet you want to take away the freedom and liberties of people who don’t live with your same religious beliefs?

I took both of these photos myself with several years between them.  The old man who drives this truck with his homemade “bumper stickers” bungeed onto the back makes me proud to be an American.   We can have religious differences without being condemned.  I believe those religious beliefs should not get in the way of providing equality to all of our citizens.

Sincerely And With Respect,

Abbie, All that makes you…

Please feel free to repost/share this onto your FaceBook wall, Twitter…  If I have to listen to everyone telling me to hate you can help me spread the word of love.


  1. ↑ QNotes,”Anti-gay marriage amendment filed in N.C. Senate,” February 22, 2011
  2. ↑,”Same sex marriage ban aims to protect definition of marriage,” February 24, 2011
  3. ↑ The Huffington Post,”North Carolina Puts Gay Marriage Ban On May 2012 Ballot,” September 13, 2011

Info also gathered from Ballotpedia,_Amendment_1_(May_2012)

14 thoughts on “Dear Parent’s Who Do Not Think All Americans Should Have the Same Rights,

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  2. There are four issues here.

    First, I agree that it’s generally unchristian to require a certain morality from people who don’t share the beliefs that undergird it. (Which is just a fancy way of saying that there’s a difference between calling something immoral and saying that it ought to be illegal. For example, I think greed is immoral, but I can’t imagine a good way to make that illegal.)

    Second, you’re entirely right that the United States is founded upon the freedom of people to express ideas with which we disagree, to live in ways with which we disagree, to do a bunch of things with which we disagree, in fact. Defending the right of others to disagree with me is, if nothing else, what I would want them to do for me if my lifestyle were on the chopping block.

    Third, it could be important to discuss the meaning we’re using for the word “judging.” The Christian God is certainly against the sort of “judging” that involves one person pridefully imagining that they’re worth more to God than someone else, usually because of their own perception of their own righteousness. However, Christianity requires the sort of judging that determines right from wrong, good from bad, true from false. In fact, just saying that one believes Christianity is true is a way of saying that one judges Christianity to be better than the alternatives available.

    Fourth, we might also want to discuss what we mean by “love.” I think anyone who’s been married can attest to the fact that “love,” the emotion, is entirely insufficient. Emotions come and go, and make fickle guides. “Love,” the commitment to choose to pursue another’s best interests, that’s a different sort of thing altogether. It’s thus possible to value a person’s emotions while questioning their judgement concerning best interests, to say that they feel love but ask if they’re acting in a loving fashion.

    To sum all of that up, I agree that most Christian arguments for marriage amendments are spurious and insulting. Generosity and empathy would certainly be appreciated in that arena. However, Christians also claim to have been granted knowledge of Truth, which includes a God who calls certain things immoral. They can’t shy away from the belief that the Truth they’ve seen is true for everyone, or else they’ve stopped believing in the God they espouse. Still, there are good and bad ways to go about it.

    • See, I see it as religion should simply not dictate our laws. What happens if another religion is dominate in the US in 150 years and say that religion believes a woman shouldn’t own property or vote? A lot can happen in 150 years. It already has. If we follow the simple belief that this country was founded on, that everyone deserves the same rights and liberties then there is no worries later. Thanks for the read and comment and I am looking forward to more of your insight.

  3. Amen, Amen, Amen! Of course, if I were a christian instead of mostly pagan, that might be worth more, wouldn’t it?

    Regardless, this is well-written and probably the most cojent and coherent argument I’ve heard in forever. How DO you know what your child’s sexual orientation is? How can you tell your gay child that they’re emotions are less worthy than their straight siblings’?

    Whoever or whatever made us and the universe we live in is bigger than that. I think we should try to be as well.

    • That is why I wrote it. I have heard so many arguments but I just couldn’t get past the idea of MY children and how this could affect them one day and how does any parent know for sure who their small children will fall in love with and are you willing to tell them now what you feel. So much can change and I am hoping this subject is looked back upon like not letting black and white people marry. Ridiculous.

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