Colored Chicks Banned From Country Club This Easter

Colored chicks are banned from our country club this Easter

The prejudice began when the parents started making small talk with “Farm Lady.”  They began asking, “How did you dye them?, Do you dip them?  Does it hurt the little babies?  Will they stay that color?  Will the other animals shun them because they don’t look like them?”

Club management asked the “farm lady” to stop bringing them.  We go to the clubs Easter brunch and egg hunt because we have three little boys who want to see the cool neon alternative chicks.  They are amazing.  “Farm Lady” brings bunnies, snakes, iguanas, and other critters, and she used to bring a few colored chicks and ducks.

She is always so patient as she explains to the parents that they don’t “dip” them.  That they inject the egg with food coloring, (just like we have in our human food and the same way scientist track wild bird movements).  That only the chicks down is colored and it will fall out soon and then they will be back to their regular color.  She explains that they are raised to be shared for a couple of weeks, as part of her traveling petting zoo, and then they will go off to live at a local farm just like a regular chicken or duck.

For crying out loud, I want to shout, “You just fed your kids processed chicken nuggets! Those “nugget chickens” were raised in horrible conditions and probably never even got to walk in actual grass.  Chances are they ground off their beaks so they couldn’t peck each other to death.  They were likely injected with hormones to produce larger breasts.  Shut your traps.

The “Farm Lady” rocks.  I was raised on a farm.  I have asked her questions.  I have stood next to her while three boys have to pet, hold and usually figure out a way to “wear” each of her critters.  She is patient and kind and makes sure the kids are gentle and she herself  is gentle.  She gives these country club kids a chance to touch and hold animals that most people 100 years ago had in their backyards.  Animals they had to care for and then eventually eat.

She gives kids an opportunity to touch other beings. It may lead to some of these children gaining more respect for creatures that we share the world with.  It’s just a green chicken.

My boys looked forward to these neon, fluffy, make-you-happier-than-a-Cadbury-Egg- chicks.  Do you know how happy it makes me when my kids are more excited about something they don’t get to eat and that causes one of their combined 16 cavities, (per our last family dentist appointment).  Do not judge.  Yes, they brush.

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Follow me and press the button..

Before you start chewing me out…They are not being sold.

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10 thoughts on “Colored Chicks Banned From Country Club This Easter

  1. Will the other animals shun them because they don’t look like them?…lol! You are hilarious! I am so sorry to read that your boys were deprived of their neon Easter chicks, that is so disappointing. It sounds like the individuals who banned the chicks were not the brightest (no pun intended). The dye they use in their own hair is more harmful. Bring back the neon chicks! Bring back the neon chicks!!!

    • I just couldn’t help myself with the title. We went running out to see the colored chicks and she was like, “Yeah, I didn’t bring them. People just didn’t understand.” I was like I totally understand that they are amazing!
      Thanks for commenting and come back tomorrow for a little Easter humor.

    • You would think that i turned the color up on the photo….no! It is super cool. I could understand if they were selling them it being a problem. Same people would probably be trying to buy one for their kids basket. He, he, he!

  2. I remember the first time I brought home a colored chick…good times. 🙂
    People just can’t help themselves, they want to feel better about the outlandish crap we’re doing to the world so they figure they’ll save a chicken & all is square. Posers.

    • Hardy har, har. How do you spell that? I really have no frontal lobe, (which is all sexy on a man…but I am not) and so usually I’m like, they killed a cow with big brown eyes for that handbag. I know, I was a leather buyer for a while, and I eat burgers and if someone else doesn’t want to eat meat then I completely respect that. I would also totally dye my dog for fun. She likes attention so she would be cool with it. Thanks for commenting.

    • They are all nice people and many of them are my dearest friends. Although, none of my dearest friends took issue with it and mourned their absence with us. I liked your obituary on the chicken. So funny how you explained your parasitic relationship with the chickens and how it suits you. WHenever I hear someone complain about how someone isn’t caring for their dog the way they think it should be cared for I am always like, “They should be happy they weren’t born a pig and you ate them for breakfast.” BTW, I love, love, love our dog and I even talk to our hermit crabs because they are just cool. Thanks for commenting. Comments are almost as good as neon green baby chicks at Easter.

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