Another holiday that tries to turn me into a liar…

I cannot lie to my kids.  Let me clarify, I can lie to them about things like, I don’t know what the correct/anatomical word for “the place between where the babies exit out.”  You can find the explanation for that in my post entitled just that, no need to beat a dead horse. But when they ask me, “Is there really a Santa?” I freeze.  If I say yes will they believe me when I tell them something that is really pertinent.  Why the charade?  I sidestep the questions with quick questions back, “I don’t know”, “What do you think?” or “Have YOU seen Santa?  I haven’t but I have heard other (crazy/liars) people say they have.”  I found myself in the same predicament a few years ago when the Easter season came around and lets face it…

There aint never been an Easter Bunny costume that looks real!

My mother-in-law was in town and I decided it would be a cute idea to take the boys to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny.  On the way there I told them our intentions, (and mentioned a trip to the candy store afterwards) and was instantly bombarded with the usual Mitchell questions.  “Is the Easter Bunny real?”  “Is that a man in the Bunny suit?”

Not wanting to lie to them I usually skirt these questions and just try not to answer.  I will point out things on the side of the road or bring up something fun to do.  I tried these tactics and it didn’t work. 

Finally, Mitchell shouted, “Why won’t you just tell me…IS HE REAL?” 

Avery sat quietly listening for my response. 

I looked over at Jim’s Mom, took a deep breath and said, “Well, the spirit of the Easter Bunny is real, I guess.”  Then, no more questions.

We get to the mall and walk around for a while and we find the Bunny photo station.  There were no children in line and so Avery and Mitchell walked up to the unusually small Easter Bunny and stood right in front of him, (kind of like “The Shining Twins”). 

The Bunny, waiting for them to take a seat on his lap, sat completely still as Mitchell slowly bent his knees to lower himself and peered into the Bunny’s mouth.  

Mitchell proclaims, while pointing his finger in the rabbits mouth, “I SEE YOU!  I CAN SEE THE MAN INSIDE THE BUNNY COSTUME!  I TOLD YOU THE EASTER BUNNY ISN’T REAL!” 

Now Mitchell is looking over at me while I am standing next to them on the other side of the “velvet line ropes”.  He is looking at me, the Easter Bunny has his oversized head twisted to the side looking at me, the Easter Bunny’s personal photographer is looking at me and I am at a loss of words.  Suddenly, Avery whacks Mitchell in the arm and he exclaimed, as he too is doing the knee bend peering into the rabbits mouth move, “MITCHELL HE IS REAL, THAT IS THE “SPIRIT” OF THE EASTER BUNNY IN THERE!!!”  And that was that. 

 The Bunny nodded an emphatic yes with his thumb up.  He then held up a rolled up coloring book for them he had in a basket by his feet and the boys said, “THANKS SO MUCH!” and were off. 

Happy Easter everyone.  May the SPIRIT of the season be with you!

-Abbie, All that makes you…

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