After this I deserve a belly button restoration…

After the hospital didn’t have a “latex free induction room” available I was sent home to wait with a restaurant like pager that lights up when I am allowed to give birth. After my due date came and went and my Mother-in-Law was due to fly back the next day I was forced to lie! I tricked my family into taking me into the hospital and that is when the nurse ratted me out and told me to go home and wait…

My husband takes me by the arm and I go back home to rock and sit and stare at that pager.

My MIL leaves.

The pager goes off.

I get my STUPID “latex free” room. The nurse hooks me up to the contraction belt and announces, “Why are we inducing you if your contractions are 1 1/2 minutes apart?”

The baby still hadn’t dropped. So I got pitocin and a glorious epidural and slept all night. I had Jim and both boys curled up on a little cot.

They had to wake me up to check to see if he had dropped. He had! It was time to push. We closed the curtain and set the boys on the other side with their goody bags. Two, four-year-olds in the same room. Lord help us all.

I asked the doctor if it is ok if I push three times on a contraction. She looked at me like I was crazy but told me I could.

I was 45 minutes into labor and I was keeping myself as calm and quiet as possible to not doubly scar my twins who were only a curtain away when the doctor announced…

“One more push and were going to have a baby!”

That curtain flew open so fast.

At my feet, where I wont let my (physician) husband stand and where a mirror has been banned is my OB and one of the twins, Avery.

Avery shouts, “Mitchell you gotta see dis! It’s soooooo BE-Scus-DING!”

I couldn’t push once yet alone three times. Thank God because the doctor wouldn’t have been there to catch the baby because she was bent over laughing. I am laughing. My husband is laughing and I have two four-year-olds standing “down there” looking at my business with their mouths hanging open as if they just found a pit of bullfrogs in their closet.

Out he came during the next contraction. Oh those boys clapped and jumped and cheered and sang, “Happy Birthday!” It was wonderful and unexpected and we won’t know for a few more years if we ruined the big boys.

Then they put Peter on the scale. I knew I was smarter than most doctors. 10 pounds 3 ounces.

This is a picture from the day he was born. I was burping him when he heard his dad and brothers talking behind me when he pushed himself off my shoulder and looked around to see them. I told you I have pictures of everything.

Thanks everyone for reading!