Said from a mexican restaurant men’s bathroom, “What did we ever do to you mom?!”

 I am amazed at how primal it is for little boys to be distracted by a pretty girl.  JR was working and I was left with the three boys and Peter’s little buddy.  It seemed like a perfect night out for mexican food with four little boys and me.

The entire time all the boys are enamored with two teenage blond girls two tables away. We are talking giggling, whispering, red faces and a “This is the best lunch ever…we get to look at them while we eat!”  

They all get up to use the restroom and when they walk back to the table, I have the two girls sitting in our booth!  Bahahahaha!  Mortified, Avery and Mitchell run back to the bathroom.  Peter and his little buddy leap into the booth next to me and bury their faces in the seat while making embarrassed chuckles and squirm.  Avery and Mitchell keep calling me from the bathroom asking what they did to her to deserve this. When they finally come back, the girls have returned to their own table and Avery asks, “So did you ask them how old they are?” I answer, “18” and Avery (12 years old) with huge disappointed sigh says, “Crap, I was hoping they were like 14.”

Before you think I scarred them for life, they really did find it very funny.  They are pretty shy boys and the girls very sweet and it was fun for them, (mostly me).