Me, “Come here boys. I want to show you something.”

We all walk into the living room. They are bothered as they are sure I am going to give them a job.

Instead I say, “Who is wiping their boogers on the wall when they are sitting in this chair?”

I point to “Mount Snotmore” and they all three make faces like this…

Then they all start doing that Beavis and Butthead giggle.

I have found things on the wall before…

I shouldn’t be grateful it is just boogers this time, but I am. I am happy it is not a slug or worse.

I ask again who is doing this gross thing and they all simultaneously say it isn’t them.

So it’s this guy again I find in my house from time to time…

I bet it is this one. He just looks like a booger wiper.

I tell them I have bought a BOOGER DNA test from Walgreens and if whomever has done this despicable act comes clean before I get the results I might be more understanding.

It’s Booger-Gate!

They make faces like this now.

Boy, “What? They can do that now?!!”

They begin turning on each other.

Another boy, “Sure they can! If they can do it on those TV shows!”

And yet another boy, “If it was you that put them here, you better tell her!”

Second boy from above, “I put mine in the back seat of the car. Those aren’t mine.”

I am now making this face…

It was a complete “Bogger-Gate” and the worst part is that the other two came clean by telling me where their secret booger stash was, that I hadn’t found yet.

Is this normal behavior for boys? Some boys? Some animals? Expected from the children I birth?

– Abbie, All that makes you smile, laugh, think, love, cry, and hopefully cry laughing.

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