Frog Hunting With Kids During Summer Evenings

Frog and toad hunting has been this weeks evening pastime.

It is HOT outside during the day and this gives our boys something fun to do when it cools off.

Access to ponds or creeks…We have both in our backyard and many more on the golf course across the street.

Transportation…We walk or use the critter mobile golf cart.

Lights…We use headlights and flashlights and even golf cart headlights.

Nets…Do we have nets!  We have short-handled and long-handled and large holed and small holed.  We are even willing to reach in.

My boys tell me this is a “smaller” bullfrog.

Container…We use a big tote.

Sense of humor…Peter likes to take “frog orders” before he heads out.  I say I would like a green tree frog and his brothers might say a bullfrog.  Peter especially likes to watch people open the tote and see how many he has brought home.  Below is poor Mitchell not expecting dad to pull giganto bullfrog out.

An ability to say goodbye…With the hopes of seeing you again in the pond behind our home.  This took years to perfect as saying goodbye to “caught critters” is very hard for little boys.

Peter may have been kissing this little guy on a dare from big brothers.  

Big brothers can be especially cantankerous.

Camera…It is much easier to say goodbye if you have a photo to remember your new friends.

Potato brush and soap…Have it at every entrance to the house for the “Frog Hunters” to use before entering their home!

Thanks for letting me share,

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Peter And His 8th Birthday Today!

He had to wake up and put on his shirt with an eight on it!  His favorite number and NOW HIS AGE!

The club had “camping” on the golf course last night.  It was 55 degrees and perfect for sleeping.  Did not bring the air-mattresses since it was only for one night…big mistake!  I never have back pain and I keep having spasms.  Am I getting OLD?  I wish we camped like this when we were kids, with all of our friends.  Peter rescued a girls shoe from the pond which meant going in.  Why do parents look at the parent  of the child that is doing something wacky?  I yelled at the moms and dads that when he gets the flesh eating bacteria I would be calling all of them for skin grafts.  I bought him a net for the ponds with a very, very long handle.

Here he is waking up at campout in tent.

Morning on the golf course.

Probably not as excited as he would have been had he’d gotten the veiled chameleon or Jesus Christ lizard he asked for.  I would be in charge of buying crickets and we would have to listen to them prior to being eaten and I just decided I might go mad feeling like I was in a Poe novel.  He is in his bathing suit, buster brown shoes and a baseball helmet on his new bike.  Did you expect anything different form this kid?

What he is most excited for is the nature blog I am going to help him with.  We are going to try and do a post a week all summer.  That is his gift from mom. 🙂

Happy Sunday and see you tomorrow with a story.

Abbie,  All that makes you smile, laugh, think, love, cry or cry laughing.