Four-leaf clover patch…Peter’s Tiananmen Square

We have something amazing.

We have our own little patch of good luck.

We have an entire patch of four leaf clovers that come back year after year.

I walk out of our front door every day and that little patch of four leaf clovers reminds me of how lucky we are. How blessed our lives are. It reminds me that in life the imperfections are sometimes the most spectacular. If you don’t believe me find a four leaf clover and give it to someone. They get very excited. They tell you how they always looked for one as a child but could never find a lucky one. They walk away smiling and twirling it by the stem to take home to press. Sometimes they put it in their wallet and take it to Vegas. Sometimes they just put it between their hand, their palms, and say, “Thank you. You have no idea how much I need a little luck in my life right now.”

We also have a yard care crew. We have a yard care crew that isn’t allowed to make our grass look like our neighbors because we have a Peter who stands guard.  He stands over the patch and doesn’t move when they come to mow or spray. I love that about him.

We have other patches of clover but only this one has the genetic mutation that produces the extra leaf. You can’t grow them by seed, as companies advertise, those aren’t real four leaf clovers. These are real four leaf clovers and they grow right out our front door. Sometimes the boys put up a shade tent for hours and pick them. Sometimes I send them out to find some to send someone who needs a little luck. Sometimes I send them out to find some to get little boys out of my hair. We are very lucky.

“In Irish tradition the Shamrock or 3-leaf Clover represents the Holy Trinity: one leaf for the Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit. When a Shamrock is found with the fourth leaf, it represents God‘s Grace.”

We have a little boy that loves to pick…

and dry, and give, a little luck.

He found 20 for every child in his first grade class for St. Patricks Day and laminated them into a bookmark for each of them.

St. Patrick’s Day beats Valentine’s Day hands down in our house.

The planning and building of leprechaun traps and their leprechaun messes and all that green glitter they leave behind…it is little boy nirvana.

Have a happy St. Patricks Day! If I could see you all I am sure Peter would give you one of his four-leaf clovers.

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You know that “Stonehenge that God built”

“You know it’s ancient…back when God made things…like those boulders in a circle that God made.” – Our seven year old Peter this morning.  I’m so taking them to church. Must find a church that knows I have no idea what to do WHILE in church, due to my Catholic school education, Serbian Orthodox services IN SERBIAN, and Southern Missionary Sunday mornings that resembled “The Exorcist” and I am darn confused, They cannot ask my husband for money while having 23 chandeliers hanging in the church the size of Volkswagens, (the chandeliers were a reason I refused to go back to one church we visited when the sermon was entirely about giving money to the church). They need to have services on Wednesdays at 6:30 when we don’t have activities going on. My kid thinks God built Stonehenge???? We used to go to a church before Peter can remember but then the parishioners kept wanting to come over with bread. Oh, and they can’t call me asking if they can come over with bread and talk about Jesus. We stopped attending that church when they called FROM OUR STREET at 6:30pm as I was washing the mashed potatoes off the wall that two year old Peter threw during dinner, for fun. So that’s it! It may be Peters own fault we don’t attend church. 😉 Have a good week!