I post a picture Saturday and you write the caption contest…

This would be caption #1

This would be caption #2

Under comments post what you would give photo #1 as a caption and photo #2 as a caption.   I will sit back and enjoy (he he he) and on Monday I will choose my favorite and put a trackback to your blog.  I will post on Monday a pretty funny story about the twins and middle schoolers revenge.  I can’t wait to read!  Have a great weekend!

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“My $hit my kids say is better that the $hit your dad says.”


 I want to give people a place to go that makes you smile, laugh, think, love, cry or cry laughing.  A place to go after you have read the news on your mobile and now you need a story you can relate to because we are all part of some kind of family.  I am so honored you stopped by and I am looking forward to sharing more of our family stories!  Oh, and if you nominated me for an award I will try and answer the questions next week and pay it forward.  I am so honored but I want to think about my answers.  Have a great weekend!