And Now, Here’s More From My Underwear Drawer!

A couple of months ago I decided to dump my underwear drawer in the middle of the floor, during a dinner party, filled with strangers.

That is my way of saying I started a blog, because that is what if felt like.  It still does every time I hit that “post” button.  I know I keep using the analogy and eventually I will get around to the story of someone actually meeting me and my underwear drawer contents at the same time.  Remind me.  I forget a lot.  So many stupid things happen to me that if I were you I would just accept the idea that I must lie.  Underwear story though, 100% true.

Every time I hit the “publish post” button I expect people to comment with things like…

– It’s like your pouring acid in my eyes with the crap you put on here.

– This is Al Gore.  You are not allowed to use the internet anymore.

– What are you doing?  People without any grammar and punctuation skills should not communicate, yet alone have a blog.

– You suck.

– What county and state do you live in so I can call Child Protective Services?

– Do you need the name of a psychiatrist?

– You are THE argument AGAINST free speech.

– “Put the laptop down.  Walk away from the laptop.” -The spirit of Steve Jobs made me type that. (stop it, it’s funny)

– Please tell me a child is writing this.

Instead, I found really, really terrific people.  I found people who never talk to me in a whine voice and end sentences with, “But it’s not fair!”  I have people from all over the world and from all walks of life reading and commenting on my silly stories.  Finally, people know why I am smiling, because I am sharing the commentary that is in my head.  It turns out my kids may not have driven me to insanity but instead they may have driven me “funny?”  No one is saying, (in same whine voice) “Your NOT funny!”

You all think it’s hilarious TOO when my 12 year-olds learned about sperm and all that they are worried about is the diameter of the “little fish” that are going to shoot out their penis hole.  They did not think I was funny when I was crying laughing because they asked if it was a “liquid or a solid?”  I can’t even remember if I told that whole story but if you remember, comment.  If I haven’t, remind me about that too.

I love comments!  They are like the good kind of Gummy Bears, Haribo.

Then I get nominated for awards!  I love awards!  I don’t get awards at home.  I get chewed up gum in the bottom of my purse when my kids don’t know where the trash can is.  I get the Lucky Charms, AFTER the kids picked out all the marshmallows.

So thank you to these kind, generous, POLITE souls who I know wouldn’t eat the cherry off my sundae before I even had a bite of ice cream.

Creative Chaos Award

Nugget of Knowledge


Genuine Blogger Award


Dad Knows

Versatile Blogger Award

Usual Fool


Plan B~each head on over and see her and give her some kind words, she needs them right now.

The Nature of Things

Sunshine Award

Belly Button Blues


Dad Knows


And a Thank You to…

Chris Hall at Jaydon’s Playground

I honestly follow a ton of people and I read a lot of posts while I am waiting for the boys at various places.  I follow and scroll through and bounce around and love it when I find a post that touches me or that I can relate to, makes me laugh or squeal with delight someone is putting something that gross or naughty into words.  I  have read and will continue to read all of these folks.

Now this is how I want to share the love because I frankly don’t want to miss someone on my pass it on list.

Can you post in the comments below, links to blogs that you think I might enjoy and why?  I would love to add some new people to follow that I haven’t stumbled upon yet.  I would love all of my WordPress friends to give me input as to other blogs they think are cool as it seems we all share at least one common thread.

So many rules to these awards…

I am going to tell you a few things about me.  

This way you feel less weird or less weird your still looking at my underwear drawer trying to figure out why would I still have maternity underwear when my youngest is seven.

Favorite Maurice Sendac Book: Pierre because it taught me what could happen if you didn’t care and because Carole King sings it.

Most Unreasonable Fear, (I fully know that it is unreasonable): Wiener dogs.  I had recurring dreams as a child about wiener dogs with heads on either end.

Fight or Flight: Fight

This is for Sid Dunnebacke to Whom I Told I Don’t Play by Rules

Sunshine Award Questions:

1. What’s my favorite color? – Green

2. What’s my favorite number? – 5 and I don’t know why.

3. What’s my favorite non-alcoholic drink? Squirt, but I drink water 😦

4. Do I go for Facebook or Twitter? – FaceBook.  I am a wordy girl!

5. What’s my passion? – My boys.

6. What’s my favorite pattern? – Paisley.  Paisley!  Which gets me into all kinds of trouble because it is my husbands least favorite.  The black bathroom wallpaper with 4′ paisley I had hung, he noticed.

7. What’s my favorite day of the week? – Saturday.  I mean, I guess. (copied 😉

8. What’s my favorite flower? That is like picking a favorite child.  I can’t do that.


Thank you all again and please add any blog links that you enjoy and that you think I should follow so that I can add them to my follow list.

I enjoyed this and you might too…  This is all a conversation, right?