Happy Mothers Day Ya-Ya’s!

Happy Mothers Day!
Happy Mother’s Day Ya-Yas!!!!!

May your day be filled with hugs and dishes making their way through the dishwasher without your assistance. May not one tattle happen for 24 hours and may you eat whatever you desire, without having to prepare it!

Love y’all and Ya-Ya mammas rock, (or at least shows our kids that the fun doesn’t end when a baby pops out and they have a whole bunch of misadventure to look forward to when they are parents!) 😉

And here is what they prepared for me. The drink is solid because the made “homemade juice” and this is just my first course I’m told.

Then they ask for me to go make them the Texas French toast that I promised them last night (I was trying to thwart such displays of love through food and dirty pet turtle hands.  I’m going to start a round of antibiotics probably.

I just finished my post for tomorrow morning.  I just love this one.   Can’t wait to share it.  It had me finding 60 year old photos of my Grandmother, before she had a family of her own.  The pictures are like a window into who she was before she she assumed the role of everyone caregiver.  She was a hell raiser and my best friend.

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