Moment You Realize You Have Done Too Much For Your Kids…

One of the downfalls of trying to be good parent is perhaps you have helped them TOO MUCH.

One of the older boys was voicing great frustration while replacing his shoes laces after I washed them.  When I told him to just try again, (I have shown him how to do it right) his reply was, “I have tried it three times!”

I cannot help but laugh.  I could make a tiered red velvet cake at his age, alone.  I remember my mom handing me the keys to her Mazda when I was eleven and her saying, “Go get some bread and milk.” And I did.  Doesn’t mean that it was right, but I could do it.  He genuinely could not get his shoes laced up.  He was mad and he was mad at me for not doing it for him.

Here I am at a much younger age than my son and I guarantee you I laced all of those shoes.  I mean if I was going to go to school with THREE PAIRS OF SHOES, I had to know how to lace them.  Why did I need THREE pairs of shoes for one day of first grade?

So am I a good mom or am I the dreaded, “helicopter parent?”

I show him, again, how to start the laces.

Has anyone else found boys around twelve to be completely exhausting?  I try so hard to make them try and use their brains and figure things out and to learn to look for what they feel inside is the right thing to do.  They are such a funny mix of little boys and big kid.  They seem to have no common sense.  Is it me or does it seem like we had more commons sense when we were our kids age?  

For instance at Christmas they were mad we wouldn’t get them an iPhone, (what planet are they on and if they are telling the truth what planet are ALL of their friends parents on?)  When we explained why and data fees and that twelve year-old kids don’t need one their reaction was, “Fine, then I will ask Santa for one!”

Let me know how that turns out.

Is it because so many things are easier and simple to do that our kids are lacking the daily drive to “make something work?”  What do you think?

– Abbie

Hey All You Writers and Readers!!!

Dear Writers and Readers,

I have so many questions and as much as I look things up on the web I really just value the opinion of the people who are writing and reading regularly, NOW.  I am trying to figure out how often to post.  I keep reading to post often and regularly to be successful.  Don’t y’all get sick of me?  If I am telling stories is it best to post three times a week and schedule them say M,W and F?  Or do I post a story one day and just a picture with a caption the next and repeat?  Does anyone read on Saturday and does it matter?  I don’t know!

I am wrapping up a post I am just tickled with, (that means it will get read about 12 times I have learned in the short time I have been doing this) and I am planning on scheduling it for tomorrow.  I am trying to cut down on how many times I revise something after I publish.  I know I’m not supposed to do that and CLEARLY I am not doing it for grammar or punctuation!  I just see a way to write it that is funnier or with a clearer description and then I’m on the “Update Interstate” and unable to stop rewriting.

If you attempt to read me regularly what advise would you give?  Are my stories too long?  Am I doing something that gets on your nerves?  Is there another blog you think I should visit and read?  Should I stop inserting my own poor quality family photos and use pics, like a lot of people do, from the web.  Am I using too many pictures?  Should I go back to third grade and actually learn how to use a comma?  Would it make me a bad person to ask for a girl if we ever adopt?

Help a sister out.  I am still avoiding that laundry pile.