Funny First Days and the Proof is in the Photos

Today my three boys all went off to school.  

It was the easiest first day of school for everyone.

It made me smile the whole drive home.  

I also now have time to write more and share it with you.  I am sorting some of my old stories from the journal I have kept since we began our family and I came across a funny from Mitchell when he and his twin brother Avery were in kindergarten.

My husband Jim came home from work and…

Jim, said very enthusiastically, “How was kindergarten boys?”

Mitchell, said with a very grown up matter-of-fact manner …“Dadda, I think there is more yelling than learning going on in Kindergarten.

First day of school – Kindergarten

Avery and Mitchell’s First Day of School – 7th Grade

(note our dog always wiggles her way into photos)

Peter’s First Day – Kindergarten

First Day – This Morning

I may not go back to pick them up.

I’m joking!

If I am not, I am sure it will make the news.

Abbie Gale

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3 thoughts on “Funny First Days and the Proof is in the Photos

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  2. All these milestones are so bittersweet. You miss them, but then you enjoy a new phase of life.

    Your boys are so handsome. Enjoy your new-found time. I’m not only working on the comma, but now I have to go find out if it’s new-found, newfound, new found, or newly found.

    • Thank you and I do try to enjoy every stage. I wont contemplate newfound as I get your point and I would NEVER judge someones kind words by grammar. Most people don’t know either! Ha ha! I love your posts and humor. Makes me smile and makes me look forward to being cool one day, maybe. 😉

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