Funny Ending to AWKWARD and a Lesson For Us All


I decided to contact the mom from my kid’s school who sent me the AWKWARD AS HECK NAKED PHOTO OF HERSELF to my phone.

I am soooooo glad I did and so glad I didn’t have to tell her I am not into girls, that way.

I think we can all take away a BIG lesson from what happened to her, (and don’t forget me, as I was handed this AWESOME situation to write about.)

I just copied the text conversation I had with the mom who sent me naked pictures of her boobies this week.


The sliver of the photo and white bubbles are from her.  It took me HOURS to reply, (in blue.)  I get a boobie picture on my phone and “It took forever to get up the nerve to take this” and I am pacing the house chanting…

“What the heck do I do?  What does this mean?  

Ahhhhhh who can I share this freaking hilarious situation with?”

And so I shared it with y’all a couple of days ago.

The first half of the story here Awkward!  What do I do Now?

The aftermath and explanation below.

Deep thoughts by Abbie: 
We all get things in our teeth.  We all get boogers.  We all have boobies.  Just don’t have pictures of your OWN things as in food in teeth, boogers in nose or YOUR boobies on YOUR phone.  OH, and NEVER, ever,  leave your phone with a group of teenagers without a password on it.


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All that makes you smile, laugh, think, love, cry or cry laughing.

PS  I promise I wont send you pictures of my boobies.  I may at any time send a picture of something in my teeth or an exceptional booger.  Stop it!  We all get boogers!


12 thoughts on “Funny Ending to AWKWARD and a Lesson For Us All

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    • Oh it was. I saw her at my kids open house last week and she saw me first and approached me. So then I am feeling happy that she must not feel awkward. I will say, my poor husband knows of course and I KNOW my face showed me laughing at him when he was looking at her??? I kept thinking how awkward this must be for him. Then I remembered, he is a mammographer and talks to women who show him their boobies all day. I am a lucky girl that my husband is unfazed by boobage, right?

  2. My trouble is that my toddler daughter knows how to circumvent the parental controls on my phone. I don’t have either boobies myself or awkward pictures on my phone (not counting one that my wife took after smearing colored icing on my face), but she does run up impressive bills by sending meaningless text messages to someone in India, and occasionally calling my friends and family so that they can eavesdrop on me as I sing to myself during the day.

  3. Reading both entries from start to finish was nearly more entertaining to me than the final installment of Harry Potter…..HIL-ARIOUS! I’m not sure how I would’ve handled it if it were me but you did so with grace and humor. Totally made my day, thank you!

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