Awkward! What do I do Now?

What do I do?

What do I do when I look on my phone and see I have a message.

I open the message.

It reads, “It took me forever to get the courage up to send this.”

There is a picture attached.

I open the picture and its a picture of boobies!

Mom boobies, like mine. I mean, they are NOT mine but they are by no means “dirty picture boobies.” They might be a picture for a husband out-of-town and it could be as innocent as “holy cow look at my tan lines” photo. It could be a “before” photo, as in before a little touch up with a plastic surgeon.

I don’t know why someone takes a picture of themselves naked. I don’t care if you do.

This does not change the fact that I just got a naked topless picture of a mom I know from my boys school.

A pair of boobies staring at me that I find myself studying and concluding that those are indeed her boobies.

Holy-Mother-of-God. What do I do?

Do I reply?

I get butt called and butt texted all the time. This is a byproduct of having a name that starts with “ABB”

I am a librarians dream.

Once she realizes she accidentally “sexted” me will she kill herself before school starts because she has to see me everyday.

I don’t want her to be uncomfortable. I have all sorts of wacky pictures on my phone. I don’t have MY boobies but I have other people’s boobies. I have pics of toilet stalls, dead mice in pool basket, husband spooning dog thinking its me…

Should I send her a naked photo of some of my anatomy so we are even? No harm, no foul.

Do I just send her a, Thank you?”

Do I just send her a, “Thank you but I like boys?”

Do I call the son and tell him, “Shame on you!”

Do I forward it to her husband and tell him I think if was intended for him?

These are the kind of pictures I send my husband. I sent this picture a couple of weeks ago. I wanted this puppy. I lost all sense of reason. I went to the mall to buy Chinese soup spoons and I am trying to leave with a Havanese puppy? Maybe he would have said yes if I showed him my boobies.

Do I play stupid and let it ride and always wonder if she quit speaking to me because of it?

After attending BlogHer last week and wondering where I fit into this whole “webosphere” God sent me a clear sign where I belong. I must keep blogging and telling these stories. He sent me Mrs ______ boobie picture so I could make you laugh.

I think God wants me to continue on.

What do you think I should do and do you have a story like this?




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16 thoughts on “Awkward! What do I do Now?

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  2. Thanks for the fun morning read! Kinda hilarious reminder that taking what we might call “intimate” pics is never cool. The embarrassment when it goes wrong far outweighs any positive. But then again, there wouldn’t be posts like this!

  3. Oh wow, that is awkward. Do you talk to her often? I can’t imagine quite how weird the conversation might be, but she might appreciate it if you gave her the heads up. I love the way you told the story and look forward to hearing about how you decide to deal with this. 😉

  4. I would have just laughed, deleted the message & probably not said anything to her if I wasn’t super close to her. If she was a close friend I’d torture her mercilessly for days about it, but I have sick friends 🙂 Oh and I had to laugh about your initials being “ABB” it could be, much, much worse, I’ve got a friend who’s first name is Amy, middle name is Sarah & her last name is Smith. Imagine a lifetime of monogrammed items reading “ASS” 🙂

  5. I think you should text her back and let her know. Assume she did not mean it for you (or maybe even for anyone) and give a happy face at the end. Tell her you sent a picture of your belly button the President once just to make her feel better.

  6. I’ve never gotten random or intentional body part pictures sent to my phone. This is why phones should remain only phones. You’d never have this happen with the old 50 pound rotary dial phones of my youth.

    As for what I think you should do? Delete mystery boobies before your boys find the boobie pictures and they go viral.

  7. Hmmm…that’s a thinker. I do text my husband kinky pics every now and then, and if I’d been the one to send it to you by mistake I’d feel much better if you texted me back with a neutralizing, friendly line like…”I don’t know if you meant to send me that pic but good for you for being proud of your body!” Or maybe, “Are we playing: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?”

  8. Eww. That is confusingly weird! How well do you know her? If she’s a fairly close friend you could reply with “I think they’re just fine the way they are. Don’t get the surgery, if that’s what you’re asking.” Or something like that to let her know she sent it to the wrong person. Otherwise, I’d ignore it until she brought it up first.

    I wonder who else got the pic? What if she accidentally sent it out to her PTA list? 😮

    • It was so funny and I am so glad you found this post. I knew you would enjoy this one. Dod you see my follow up a couple of days later and see how I responded and how I ended up getting the pictures. Poor woman and I would bet every one of her contacts got it!

    • Thank you so much! I love getting awards but stink at the work. It really means a lot and thank you for coming by and thinking of me. I am looking forward to seeing you here. I might be better at the awards when the kids are in school. Hard to find the time to even write this time of year. 🙂

  9. Of course I think you should continue!
    I don’t have my own personal story, but I have one from my mom.
    A man sent her a text of his very long down his leg penis. When she texted him back to say it was not sent to the intended recipient, he started arguing with her about how she shouldn’t have done the deed with him, and basically that she was a whore (I’m sorry if it is not okay to say that here – I couldn’t think of another word that would effectively tell the story!) Anyway, she finally gave up arguing with him, but she’s never going to be able to unsee what she saw, and I suspect the same will be true for you.
    I’m looking forward, though, to finding out what you decide to do!

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