“That is Because Their Parents Don’t Love Them.”

“That is because their parents don’t love them.” -Me. *(See Below)

“That is NOT true.  Caleb has a TV in his room and his mom loves him.” -Peter.

“I happen to know, because I am a parent and parents tell each other their secrets, that the only reason you put a TV in your kid’s bedroom is to get rid of your kids.” -Me again.

The Family Room is Good Enough

“Well, Mrs East must REALLY want to get rid of Caleb because they put a flatscreen on his wall and hooked up an XBOX.”  -Peter

“They are also, obviously, not concerned about him developing mashed potato brains if he can play video games in his bedroom.” -Yep, me again.

When it is 95 Degrees Outside I Have No Issues WIth a Video Game That You Move To

“Mom, no one can really get mashed potato brains because there is no such thing as mashed potato brains and why don’t you ever want to get rid of me?” -Peter.

“Peter, go to you room and read a book. See, I love you AND I want to get rid of you” -Me.

Keep Digging Peter

* I threw all other parents under the bus out of frustration he wouldn’t stop asking for a television in his bedroom.  Each child is different as is each circumstance.  I am not one to judge, as I know I am doing the best I can, this day.  So if you have put a TV in your kids bedroom, I am sure you still love them and know that our boys have a “kids living room” with a TV in it in the center of their bedrooms.  I think a TV in their rooms would be redundant. 🙂

-Abbie, allthatmakesyou.com

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7 thoughts on ““That is Because Their Parents Don’t Love Them.”

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  2. Hmmmmmm, I did not have a tv in my bedroom while I was growing up. I didn’t have a radio or computer, either (computers didn’t even exist then!). We got a tv in our livingroom when I was about 14 – it had perhaps a half dozen channels (lol); and we were only allowed to watch it on Saturday mornings for few hours before everyone else got up …. I’m probably dating myself horribly here, but when I was young, I read a lot of books, did artwork and wrote poetry and stories ………. lol.

  3. We put a TV in our youngest’s room when he first came to live with us at the age of 7. He was a very early riser, unlike now, and could watch his Disney movies quietly before the house woke up. Unfortunately…he lost the privilege due to his behavior and has never tried to earn it back. He was limited to early morning with the ever-so-rare-movie-viewing-event during the daytime hours but is now forced to play outside…read a book…puzzles…or even worse Legos. I hope he will forgive us for this capital lack-of-TV punishment. “He does watch TV in the family room!” Thanks for sharing!
    Peach State

    • Oh, I was just getting ready to put an explanation as to WHY we don’t put TVs in their rooms…THEY HAVE A LIVING ROOM IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR BEDROOMS! They don’t need a TV and there are plenty in the house if we decide to watch something. Every kid if different and every circumstance is different and I am not one to judge. I had a TV in my bedroom growing up as did my husband and heck, he became a doctor. Ha, ha!

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