Creek Tips


I love it when I come across something my boys have done that I didn’t know about.

Here is a video our Peter shot at one of his special critter catching locations.

The walk to the creek the time prior revealed a snake.  It looks like he went back with our big black rubber snake to leave out in hopes it would scare away any snakes that were venomous, while he could look for newts.

Thought you might enjoys…

My story, just yesterday, about same black snake and one of its evil doings.

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7 thoughts on “Creek Tips

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  2. I like how his video is documentary-like. My girls swipe my camera and make very, er, artsy and abstract videos. Lots of funny faces, old Barbies, blurriness, and headache-inducing camera action – and every once in a while and adorable gem that will outlive me if I have anything to say about it.

    • It is so fun! I actually have mine going to a camp at our local Apple store for kids to learn to make movies with iMovie. Totally free and I get to stay and only 1 1/2 hours for three days. I am excited for them to learn a tripod as I start to get motion sick watching their “art.”

  3. “It freaked me out. I almost cried….”
    And yet he said, “I’m gonna keep looking.”

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