What is a Wordless Wednesday?

I took this photo yesterday at my father in-laws house.

Ok, so I get the wordless Wednesday thing but I have been without any consistent technology and I’m breaking! So until I finish writing, (ON MY PHONE) a post for tomorrow I will leave you with a photo I took yesterday, and a few words.

We are wrapping up a trip to our rural hometown, out of state, and I cannot stop daydreaming about making out with my washer and dryer the moment I walk in the door to our home.

If my washer and dryer had legs and arms we would be running through a field of wildflowers towards one another, arms outstretched. When we get within a few feet of each other my washer would throw its door open and I would toss all of our dirty clothes in and possibly our three boys and definitely our dog.

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4 thoughts on “What is a Wordless Wednesday?

  1. Love that visual of you and your washer and drying running (in slow motion) towards each other in the field of wildflowers … LOL! Too funny! 🙂

    • Oh she is a fickle little wench. I walked in and washed the first load and when I was pulling everything out to put it in the dryer the seal came out of the door. It is a two person job to get it back on. Let me rephrase that…you have to wait until my husband feels like wrestling the washer with me to fix and I have to threaten calling a repairman. Anyway, I was back up and running 24 hours later and if I ever meet that Kelly Rippa I might just give her a piece of my mind about this washing machine she does commercials for. 😉 I actually do love my electrolux due to capacity, mostly. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my lame washing machine post. )

  2. The Wife and I are both laughing at this, Abbie, because of a rule we have wherein we canNOT just chuckle, or say “Hm,” or any such thing without letting the other in on the story.

    I’m trying to rustle up some canned beets for you, and will holler when I find ’em.

    • I love that rule! Good Lord though, Jim las been listening to the “TED” lectures and even without that rule he is sharing about 50% of what he watches with me as I stand with a kid pulling one arm, dinner burning on the stove and clothes waiting to have clay scrubbed out of them. He remedies this for me by sticking earbuds on me and downloading to my iphone. OMWord, we must already have that rule!
      Canned beets, yummmm.

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