Why Summer Vacations are Longer for Mother’s of Boys…

Why summer vacations are longer for the mothers of boys…

Little boys find it amusing to go “number 2” and leave it for their brothers to find.

They call it “leaving a deposit?”

What makes this funnier to little boys…

To write the persons name it is intended to be found by on the toilet seat

In permanent maker.

If you have heard screaming coming from my house “am I gonna die?” last night that was the electric cobalt blue model paint all over the new floor in the basement golf cart garage/workshop.

If you heard screaming this morning it was the toilet seat in the new basement bathroom.

I’m running away (again) to work at one of those Caribbean resorts that doesn’t allow children in.

I’ve been preparing them. I taught them to make their favorite meal, linguini with clams, because they will get sick of Jim’ eggs.

This is within 12 hours of each other with a full nights sleep in the middle. Upon texting Jim the antics he replied that one of his coworkers lost a baby to SIDS.

I can live in our colorful graffiti house.

Abbie,  All that makes you smile, laugh, think, love, cry, or cry laughing.


6 thoughts on “Why Summer Vacations are Longer for Mother’s of Boys…

    • Haaaaa! Then you would have all my “good” stories! Ha ha ha! They would last until nightfall and then they would want their mom, (as all good kids do.) What about I come to India?
      Peter loves to get on WordPress with me and look at the map showing where all the readers are. I love that feature in WP. I am redoing his bedroom right now and they put his bunk beds in his room today. I was laying in the bottom bunk tonight and we were discussing what to do with the bottom of the bunk bed that is above him that he looks at from the bottom. We have decided to make a collage of maps for him to study while in his bed. I will show him where India is when I get it done. Thanks for the funny comment and invitation. Now you can’t complain if they show up on your door for “Camp Corinne.”

  1. Thank you for daughters thank you for daughters thank you for daughters….

    I bet your husband is often good for such perspective.

    • He doesn’t get it either. His next sibling is ten years older and all three are girls. My dad in NC keeps it in perspective. He keeps saying that it is TOTALLY normal. He might be saying that because he doesn’t want me to put his grandsons up for adoption. 😉

  2. Prospective really sheds the light on our chaotic thrill ride with our sons. With mine being older (23, soon to be 22, 19 and 11 (12 in August) the ups and downs, more often downs, often takes us places we would rather avoid. But then in that brief moment we, as parents, realize they really are good boys and we are blessed. Why can’t they just be blessed all the time and not rowdy hooligans. If you find yourself booking that trip and sitting on the beach…look in the next cabana…I will be there!
    Peach State

    • So true. They are really good boys but the bathroom humor is going to kill me. I wasn’t even allowed to say the “F” word when I was a kid. I still say “toot.” They sling that word around just knowing it makes me make a sour face.
      I remind myself one day I will miss the boxers laying on the kitchen floor from when they walked through from outside. 😉 But really, it is very common???

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