Hatfield’s and McCoy’s

.   Our Peter’s first grade teacher’s names this year were

Hatfield and McCoy.

Hatfield to left and McCoy on right.

Dont they look ferocious?

I fuzzed them for privacy.

I cannot make this stuff up.

It is the end of another school year and my oldest boys have finished their first year of middle school and our youngest has finished his first year of first grade.  Avery in red and Mitchell in yellow.  They are receiving a citizenship award. Here is Peter receiving a “Future Scientist” award. He is in the pale yellow.

2 thoughts on “Hatfield’s and McCoy’s

  1. LOL, a good case of truth being stranger (and funnier) than fiction! Congrats to all of your boys on their awards, that’s awesome!

    • They are the BEST team and sadly Mrs. Hatfield is leaving teaching. She is like “The Kid Whisperer” and if it is any indicator of the state of teaching in our schools, it is just terrible. The kids and parents love her.

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