“I Have an App for That”

Peter, (our seven year-old), “Do you know you can use a can of hairspray and a match to make a flame thrower?” He was very excited with knowing this information.

I was not happy that he knew it.

“And how did you figure that out?” -Me

Peter, “Oh, I have an app for that.”

During our Saturday morning snuggle and talk session…

Peter, “You know in July my girlfriend is moving to Texas.”

Abbie, “You know it would be so cool if you gave her your home address and you could be pen pals.”

Peter, “Actually we already talked about it on the playground and were going to FaceTime and Skype.”

Now he turns on his side and looks right into my eyes and says very tenderly…

“Mom, you know it’s like 2012 and not the 1900’s. She’s not going to Texas in a horse and carriage.”

This is coming out of my first graders mouth who is in my bed in his fuzzy pajamas and has his three stuffed bunnies.

Kind of like that.

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8 thoughts on ““I Have an App for That”

  1. That is just so cute! Not the flamethrower part, that kind of scares me that he knows that kind of thing – I’m praying he doesn’t try any experiments in that direction! But I love his telling you that his girlfriend isn’t going to Texas in a horse and carriage – LOL! 🙂

    • Oh, he has a healthy dose of fear with fire. We let him help light candles and have many discussions about how dangerous it would be if he ever played with fire. He is smart like that but not very smart in realizing how young I really am! Ha ha! I talk about having horses when I was a kid so I may be asking for this.

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