Wants to be a (Fill in the Blank)

    Peter       wants to be a     BEE     because they are not allergic to pollen.”

– Peter’s school paper he brought home.

I love the drawing of the bee stinging the guy in the head and the guy screaming.  Well, that is what they get for insisting he draw a picture.  Please note the use of one crayon color.   This is what I get when I ask him to stop drawing pictures at school of guns, knives and blood.  

As much as he hates pollen, all of our boys love the flowers around the yard.  Peter likes to check what colors are on this hydrangea this week.


-Abbie, All that makes you…   allthatmakesyou.com

6 thoughts on “Wants to be a (Fill in the Blank)

    • He is so ridiculous! His birthday is this week and my gift to him is to help him with his own blog for the summer. That is a whole different post! He is so mad I don’t use his “real” name on here and I use my real name and my husbands. I didn’t feel it was a good idea. Anyway, he wants his first post to be him telling “the world” his REAL name! Bahahha! As if he would be famous. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • I can’t remember if I copied onto here, (some stuff is from my personal FB page that I type stuff out on my phone when it happens so I don’t forget) anyway, it is about him mad at his teacher because he had homework to count windows and doors in our house. It made him so MAD! He wrote the symbol for infinity to get back at her. Thank God she gets him and laughed.

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