Smushed Game

“I really find identifying flattened animals that have been hit by stuff fascinating.  I mean, I enjoy living animals better, but if they are smushed it is a little fun trying to figure out what they used to be. – Who do you think?  Peter of course!

That is us on the way to the pool.  He was so excited he wore his goggles in the golf cart the whole ride up to the club.  On the way home he was looking for “smushed stuff.”

Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend!  We are off to look for new big kid beds for the boys.  Why doesn’t Rubbermaid make furniture?  We need something you can scrub and that the drawers are indestructible.  What we really need is a giant gerbil cage.

-Abbie,  All that makes you…     

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