We Would Live In A Zoo, Maybe We Do?

“I have decided I do not want a Veiled Chameleon anymore.  I would like a Jesus Christ Lizard instead.”  – Peter

He has been talking about this chameleon for MONTHS.  So I ask him why he changed his mind.  I also added the appendage to the question, “When your wife agrees one day.”  This is how I now answer pet requests.  “Sure, you can buy a ball python, as long as your wife agrees one day.”

Don’t judge. I spend every day making them put things back outside that they “rescued” from the pond.

His reply, “I want  a Jesus Christ Lizard because they walk on water.”

I answer, “That’s cool.”

(Photo courtesy of Strange Animals)

He adds, “Besides, you wouldn’t let me have the chameleon because it is a hundred dollars and if Jesus Christ dies he was only thirty-five bucks.

I don’t need a “wing man” I need an assistant to spend the day reasoning with three little boys why we don’t live in a zoo.  Oh, and to wash their turtle hands and check them for leaches…

Ok folks, this is a boy thing right?  Please tell me this is normal or else I am going to have to buy them a pet store one day with their college money.

– Abbie, All that makes you…  allthatmakesyou.com

Ten Things We Learned This Weekend  (Animal rescue in our backyard recently)

– Video Game That Goes Terribly and Hilariously Wrong (allthatmakesyou.wordpress.com)

5 thoughts on “We Would Live In A Zoo, Maybe We Do?

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  2. I love how you answer pet requests.
    Sorry to tell you this: My son never outgrew his passion for reptiles.

  3. Brilliant! Somewhere out there is a little fella hearing the same thing from his mom, and when he charms my Anna enough to marry him she’ll agree to the ball python, a gorilla or two, and a whale because she loves animals so much. It’ll happen.

    • Ahhhhh, but this is how God has figured things out. The two rarely get together which keeps poor animals in their normal habitat. I keep telling them critters don’t want to live with us. His birthday is coming up and all he says is that ALL he wants is a new pet, (that I will have to take care of.)

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