Another (Funny at my Expense) Embarrassing Story

I am finishing a story for tomorrow and it makes me laugh every time I repeat it.  I am going to give you a teaser.

It is another, “Why does this embarrassing stuff always happen to me?” Story.

Toddlers shouldn’t know how to Jimmy locks, that well.

Shish kabob skewer removal 

Polishing my bellybutton


“Oh, that rattling is just pasta in our door knobs.”

Watching Oprah leads to far too much waxing for summer than necessary.

“I have to call their mom’s and explain what they saw…Oh, my, word!” 

You know how I have explained that I am a little like Monica Gellar from the old TV show “Friends?”  Not in the cleaning way, (making scrunched up face while shaking head) but in the competitive way.

So I am trying to spread the word about my stories and find readers.  I am trying to cross promote my blog onto other sites.

Circle of Moms is having a contest for the honor of being called a top 25 “Mom’s of Multiples” website.

If you like what I write all you have to do is click this and click vote for me.

I have like six votes, one is from me and do you think Obama and Romney are voting for the other guy?  The contest is only for two more days.  I am always coming in late for these things.  Who starts blogging in 2012 anyway?

If you have any other ideas to get the word out or how to share I would love your feedback.  I am doing this with nearly zero internet experience or marketing experience.  All I have to offer is being me and telling stories.  Grassroots effort without SEO classes, hiring a consultant or someone to tweet for me is my approach.  I’m throwing my stuff out there and if people like it then it will go somewhere, but I need some help getting it out.

Ok, now that whole uncomfortable part is done.

Have a great Tuesday.

Abbie, All that makes you…

9 thoughts on “Another (Funny at my Expense) Embarrassing Story

  1. These contests are so unfair. It’s all about how many votes you get, not what a great writer you are. You got my vote. Good luck.

  2. I voted for you because I loved your story! What I like about you is that you don’t take things too seriously. I love that you told the teacher a little “fib” before walking away…it totally made the story that much more hilarious. Thanks for sharing your stories–they always make my day!

  3. Do you use Twitter yourself? Or have a Facebook fan page? Those are two ways to get the word out. It takes a little time to build the relationships, but many bloggers on both sites will follow those who follow them.

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