Video Game That Goes Terribly and Hilariously Wrong

I was in the kitchen cooking and I hear horror movie screaming coming from the family room.

I turn around from the stove to see what was going on.

I see our three boys sitting around the laptop in a huddle.

Kind of like this…

The boys all begin yelling and have looks of terror on their faces. They have now backed up away from the lonely laptop.

The thoughts that are racing through my head…has the child safety features on our internet failed. What have they happened across…

I am now racing towards them as one of the older boys pushes his twin brother towards the laptop and he steps forward and slams the laptop shut while cringing. They begin to turn on each other.

“Why did you build it that short?”

“You should have sent a zookeeper sooner to catch it!”

Oh my word…I hesitantly open the laptop to see a ZooTycoon “NOTICE” on the screen that tells me a lion was eating the park visitors.

Our youngest, Peter, has tears in his eyes and says to his brothers, “Why did you let it eat those children?”

Zoo Tycoon. The game I bought for the kids because it was supposed to be happy and make their minds plan and organize, they get to create habitats and care for animals…lets the animals eat the zoo’s guests if you build the habitats wrong?

There are shrieks coming from the laptop. My three sweet boys have their eyes covered up as I shut down the game.

This really, really makes me laugh.

Have you ever met a person and thought that there was no chance you could ever be friends with them? I have a friend that is moving away and I have written her a reference letter to give to her new neighbors in case they judge her on their first impression like I did. Here is that story…

2 Broke(n) Girls

My kids need to be shipped off to a farm for a summer to toughen them up. So stinkin’ cute.

19 thoughts on “Video Game That Goes Terribly and Hilariously Wrong

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    • I know, I was just happy the internet safety was working and they weren’t looking at something horrible thinking they were shopping for a new “Brazil” soccer ball at Dick’s Sporting Goods. WHeeeew!

    • They have toughened up a bit since this happened. I am pretty sure they would all be laughing now. 😦 You try to keep them sweet and innocent for as long as you can and then…WHAM! Who would have thought?

        • Dude, they played with a neighbor boy yesterday and my kids told me something this kid did to make them laugh and…i want to whack the boy upside the head! Really? In front of my seven year old you pretended to be “making sweet love” to our golf cart…from behind? You are 11!!! His parents are intelligent professionals??? What is going on? I cannot help but think that he probably learned it from another kid, and then another… My mom taught me a dirty limerick when I was VERY young…I guess I don’t run around humping trees at the neighbors.

          • Yeah, I didn’t learn anything quite that spectacular at 7, but by 11 I learned quite a bit from my junior high classmates.

            Also, you should point out to your children what a loser someone is if they have to resort to “making sweet love” to a golf cart. Then, the next time that kid thinks he’s making a funny, the joke can be on him.

            • Oh, trust me I am sure they shamed him! One is the safety patrol, (Mitchell) and one is the feelings police, (Avery and unless were talking about my feelings) and I heard they were like, “What are you doing?!” They rat all the kids out to me…I will take it while it lasts. I had to tell one of my best girlfriends while she was out of town her 14 year old boy WAS ON THEIR ROOF!!!! with a girl. SO that is like telling on the kid and the dad that is supposed to be watching said kid. Ha ha! My boys might get beat up. 😉

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