Sometimes You Have To Be Bad To Remind Yourself You Are A Dog

Sometimes you just have to let “bad” happen.  Not only did I watch it.  I encouraged it.  I took pictures and I videotaped it.


Our mutt Lilly has never done anything that has ever resembled being an animal.

She doesn’t scratch herself, she uses a pillow under her head to sleep and she doesn’t even lick her butt.

She is telling me with her eyes to “go get her boys from school.”

She has NEVER dug a hole or even wanted to play with another dog.

Then the chipmunk ran under our lamp-post yesterday.  I knew she would never get it and if she did she would just want to cuddle with it.  Here she is stealing a cuddle from an unsuspecting soul.  Oh, it’s me but the one of Jim spooning her is better but I am afraid he will shoot my laptop.

She is a chicken dog.  Look here at her a couple of weeks ago hiding from a baby goose from behind a chair.

It must have run up into the post.  I even recorded it.  The boys were at school and I knew they would be shocked at our dog…well…acting like a dog?

I slapped this thing up here a few different ways since I am new to this.  They are all the same video.  I couldn’t get the first one to play so I added the Youtube version.

I cannot wait to play the funny video for the boys.

I even replanted the pansies and fixed it all up pretty again.

I had sleeping kids in the room and so I couldn’t have the sound on and so…We will see when it posts how it looks.  I don’t think I will ever be a movie maker.  Ha ha!

Jim Thinks it is hilarious how she sneaks up and sleeps on me.

For two years she lived
only in our kitchen and for four years she never went in a bed.

One day the kids were watching a movie laughing and she jumped up and we all FROZE!

18 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To Be Bad To Remind Yourself You Are A Dog

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  2. How sweet! This post actually made me think of my son. Once when he was three we caught him at about 7am sneaking himself a brownie from a plate in the middle of the dining room table. It was so cute all I could do was pour him a glass of milk! It’s so good to be bad sometimes!

    • Thanks. We joke all the time she was built to cuddle. She is one of those dogs that has to have her foot on you in case she falls asleep and you leave the room she knows to get up and follow you. She is a clown. I loved that she kept begging me to help her. She wouldn’t start digging until I told her she could and then she came back making sure and giving me the guilty smile! She smiles when you talk to her sweet and people think she is making a rabies face. Eyes closed and teeth showing and neck out. She is super dorky. I still cannot believe our boys didn’t RUIN her! 😉

  3. What a super pooch! I think my Milton would get along famously with her. The video works just fine, so thanks for that.

    • She is fabulous. I got a tremendous amount of crap for one, buying a dog and not adopting one, having her flown from Kansas, (bahaha) and the fact that she is a designer mutt. Our last dog we rescued, he wanted to bite peoples faces off if they came close to me, (including our kids) he was allergic to grass and looked like he had the mange and needed steroids and allergy medicine, he shed like crazy and his ears were chronically infected and I kept him forever in a house divided until he died. Lilly just peed every time you made eye contact with her for three years, but she would never bite and we have learned to manage her leaky bladder. I am not saying we almost didn’t put her on a bus to Kansas for the first two years but her sweetness saved her. She doesn’t like other dogs. She stands behind my rocking chair. Ha ha! That is why I was so excited the lab beat the poodle down!

      • Well you should get a bunch of crap for not adopting. Geez. Milton is our three year old kitten, so would that be a better fit for Lilly?

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