One Step Forward For Mom But Two Steps Back For Technology

One step forward for Mom and two steps back for technology. I tied the kitchen cordless phone to its base with twine. It had to be done.  It had to be done mostly to just remind the kids to put it back. They rolled their eyes at me.

They are the cellphone generation that just sets the cell phone down wherever they finish talking.  We have six phones throughout the house and we couldn’t find one!  I am thinking of installing one of those garbage cans with a shoot attached, (like drive-thrus have) and with the shoot opening starting next to their seats in the kitchen.  How could THAT be a bad idea?  I am convinced men have designed everything. 😉 A mom would have had a dishwasher built into the kitchen table and the kids shower would be in the garage.

Don’t you remember the excitement in getting your first cordless phone?  I was a kid and I called everyone to tell them I was talking to them outside.  The giant antennae and the huge handset and the five minutes it stayed charged was all magical.  I would have never thought I would be tying one down to its base some thirty years later.

11 thoughts on “One Step Forward For Mom But Two Steps Back For Technology

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  2. I’m sad to say, one of my favorite new apps is the ICloud’s ability is the phone locator that can page me even if it’s off and on silent mode.

  3. Did you get the point across? I miss the old 50 pound phones with the rotary dial–the kind you could use as a self-defense weapon should the occasion arise. They were hardwired into the wall and there was no hauling that thing to and fro!

  4. Did anyone else have a Swatch phone? It was like 2 phones in one. I think so you and a girllfriend could both talk to the same person at once or something. My sister had one. It was the pinnacle of cool.

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