Super Hero Birthday Party

I took the pictures a few years ago to make a comic book invitation for my twins 8th birthday.  We wanted to rent an obstacle course inflatable.  The idea is that the Super Heros were getting lazy and they needed training camp.  The kids all came dresed up as a “Super”.  We rented the obstacle course from a picture on the internet the size of my thumbnail.  It was a miracle no one died during the birthday party.  We had no idea how HUGE it was…but the party was a HIT!  Ha ha!

7 thoughts on “Super Hero Birthday Party

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  2. Thank you, thank you! I absolutely love the idea for the invitation/party! And I REALLY love bouncy obstacle courses!!

    • Well, THANK YOU! Thank you for reading and commenting. I get a little excited to do invitations but I always worry the kids will be so disappointed in the party. Ha ha! Mine are getting to big for big parties these days. We alternate one big party a year for the kids and they all invite friends. It started after having a terrible pregnancy with the twins and the doctors telling us at 13 weeks into the pregnancy not to name them because 2/3 of pregnancies with severe (as they had) twin to twin transfusion syndrome are never born alive. When we made it through the pregnancy, (they gave us disposable cameras as soon as they were born and we knew they did that when they thought a newborn wouldn’t live long) and made it through a rough first year, (five surgeries and a bunch of scares) we were ready for a big party! We wanted to throw a big party to thanks everyone for the prayers and help and we wanted to feed everyone… It just became a routine to have a big party for the family and all those we love. Oh and I love a theme!!!! Indiana Jones Party…movie posters for invitations with Peter’s head inserted over Harrison Fords. I made an Arc of the Covenant pinata! Bahahaha! Love a theme!

    • It is, as always, the more the merrier! Don’t want anyone showing up at my door yelling at me for “drinking on my way to school”. Check out the post I put up today. You may get a laugh. Thanks for reading and commenting. I enjoyed your caption!

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