I post a picture Saturday and you write the caption contest…

This would be caption #1

This would be caption #2

Under comments post what you would give photo #1 as a caption and photo #2 as a caption.   I will sit back and enjoy (he he he) and on Monday I will choose my favorite and put a trackback to your blog.  I will post on Monday a pretty funny story about the twins and middle schoolers revenge.  I can’t wait to read!  Have a great weekend!

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“My $hit my kids say is better that the $hit your dad says.”


 I want to give people a place to go that makes you smile, laugh, think, love, cry or cry laughing.  A place to go after you have read the news on your mobile and now you need a story you can relate to because we are all part of some kind of family.  I am so honored you stopped by and I am looking forward to sharing more of our family stories!  Oh, and if you nominated me for an award I will try and answer the questions next week and pay it forward.  I am so honored but I want to think about my answers.  Have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “I post a picture Saturday and you write the caption contest…

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  2. Caption #1: Superman: Spidey, go practice your stick-bending elsewhere, I’m trying to think about flying!

    Caption #2: The day that Batman went rogue. RIP Superman.

  3. Caption 1:
    “Now I, the world famous conductor Superman, will direct this grass in a moving rendition of ‘The Moonlight Sonata'”
    Hey, Supes you forgot your baton.

    Caption 2:
    One Word – Hammerttime
    ♫♪ Doot, doot, do-doot, do-doot, do-doot ♫♪

  4. Photo 1:
    “Super-Heroes? oh ho ho, it is to laugh!! My friends, we are STUPENDOUS HEROES!!!”

    Photo 2:
    “No, no, Batman, get out-a here–Your show comes on after the next commercial!”

  5. Photo 1)
    Superman, “I’ll jump on three. 1, 2, … OK, OK, 1, 2, … AAUGH! Why is this building have to be so tall?”
    Spiderman, “When walking across my spider web I like to use a balancing rod.”

    Photo 2)
    Batman, “Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman, always be Batman.”
    Spiderman, “No, no, I’m sorry! I’ll be Batman!”

  6. Caption #1 – So, you can walk a tightrope – I can fly with my eyes closed!
    Caption #2 – Please give me the hammer, Batman – I need to whack Superman!

  7. Caption 1) SuperMan has no idea what SpiderMan is about to do to his backside.
    Caption 2) BatMan brings the pain to those who hurt his friends bum.


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