UPS is making grilled cheeses now?

“Mom, the baby is eating the dirt in the flower pots!  Don’t worry though because he likes it!” – Ever helpful older twin brothers.

I didn’t have time to make lunches this morning. It doesn’t happen often and I get all kinds of stink eyes from Peter and my husband Jim if I tell them they are buying their lunch. Jim because he doesn’t want to spend money on lunch and Peter because he is a food snob! He comes home today and I ask him how the school lunch was today.

His response, “They had grilled cheese. That’s what they called it anyway.”

If you read my post yesterday about the “exploding eggs on the farm”  This is our Peter at my grandparents farm on his first birthday.  Makes me smile.

I admit I am a little proud of my own grilled cheese, not that I make them often. I use a grill pan to get the lines, butter, creamy cheese, good honey wheat bread and then I sprinkle a little parmesan like you would sprinkle salt before I cut it.

So I try to sound sad for him, (he appreciates me and loves my food and will never get married and leave me! this is my interpretation) “They always have other choices. Did you eat anything else?”

Peter, “I tried to eat a banana from the cafeteria but it turned to powder in my mouth when I bit it. The school’s grilled cheeses came out of a box. They got them from UPS. The box said UPS. No one should have to eat a grilled cheese that UPS made! I mean, I like UPS. UPS brings most of my favorite stuff to our house but they should NOT be making grilled cheese!  Can we pack my lunch tonight?”

If you saw my “SUNDAY, SERIOUSLY?!”  You will see that Peter likes it when we turn him into a sand sculpture (maybe not the mermaid but that’s what you get for pestering.)  The boy has to eat constantly.

Judging from the pictures you see the kid will try about anything.  If he says the sandwich was bad I will take his word on it.  After all, he will even eat a tuna sandwich at school if I pack it, (chocked full of onions and egg and mustard) and he has no shame and even feels bad the other kids are eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I loved this

PS Can anyone “like” my page on Facebook.  I am thinking it doesn’t work.  So much to learn…

14 thoughts on “UPS is making grilled cheeses now?

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  2. Uhhh I have the opposite problem. My creative kitchen skills leave something to be desired… and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my daughter BEGS me to buy lunch at school. The rest of the days she puts up with my pb&j sandwiches. Once in a while I’ll buy fluff too.. sometimes she surprises me and wants turkey & cheese. Or just cheese. In my defense, she’s a super picky eater so all the fun stuff I find online and try to do now and then, she rolls her eyes and goes “just get the jelly mom, I’ll get the peanut butter”. LOL 🙂

    • Their choices can be a bit confusing. Does she change her mind? Peter will be in love with something then decide he “doesn’t like” it. Like yogurt flavors. He wants me to buy mixed berry, then cherry, then strawberry…Whenever there is more that three of anything he wants something else. Ugh.

  3. For me and my siblings, school hot lunches were a special treat. We were embarrassed by the sandwiches Mom made out of homemade yeast bread, and the home-baked cookies too because all of our friends got Wonder bread and Twinkies.

    • Exactly! My kids went to the neighborhood pool and ordered grilled cheese when the twins were young and they came running up to show me the funny looking bread. It was white bread. Kids eat what they get used to. It cracks me up when someone says their kid will only eat chicken nuggets. Well then who gave them chicken nuggets?
      Dude when I was a kid school lunch was never hot and consisted of a pice of cold soggy fried chicken wrapped in saran wrap, an apple and a carton of white milk. If you forgot your lunch you did not eat.

  4. the Facebook thing is harder than it seems…I “finally” have 8 Likes – it’s really hard to get a page vs. profile, get things connected, etc. I feel ya sister!

    • You have no idea how much I appreciate your comment. Feel I am fairly intelligent, (managed to talk myself OUT of tying my twins ankles together every time I left the house so as to cancel them out) but for the life of me! I cannot even figure out how to “like” someone else’s page. I don’t want to use my actual personal FB page. I live on FB. How can I not know how to do this? Now I so have to go and try to “Like” yours.

  5. I love the pics — my oldest one won’t even consider buying lunch at school, but my youngest one goes through the school menu and picks which days she is buying and which days she is packing!! But I am a horrible cook — if I make something good they always ask, “Did Nana bring this to us?”

    • My kids think my sisters (Kraft) mac and cheese is magical. They asked me to get her recipe. She was standing behing them snorting holding up the blue box! That is what you get for making mac and cheese homemade with three types of cheese. Thanks for reading!

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