Bad mom but good sense of humor?

Seriously?! on Sunday.
He thinks the mermaid’s shell bra is muscles.
He cannot see below his chin and I may have told him I made him into the Hulk.
This is why he is making the body builder flexing/Hulk face.
I really, really am a good mom.

12 thoughts on “Bad mom but good sense of humor?

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  2. So hilarious! I love the Darth Vader swim voice. My three-year-old is a reincarnated old man too. He loves olives, pickles, and coleslaw. No one under seventy loves coleslaw.

  3. I’ll take a mom with a great sense of humor any day (and I bet your kids will, too).

    Even though I haven’t been following you for that long, I’ve enjoyed your posts (and I appreciate you’ve been reading my blog, as well). So I nominated you for The Sunshine Award for bloggers. Check out my latest post for details:

    And thanks again for being so supportive!

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