Seriously?! on Sunday

Things I find in our house?????!!!! Before I called the “911 emergency child psychiatrist line” after seeing this I asked the boys, “What exactly is this supposed to be?” Peter’s reply, “Oh, that’s a trauma surgeon fixing that dude.” Those are my light up tweezers. So glad they are “saving lives”. For all of you who have ever wondered… raising boys is a totally different ride than raising girls!!!!

8 thoughts on “Seriously?! on Sunday

  1. That’s really funny! I am looking forward to finding these kind of things around the house someday. My husband said when he was little he would freeze his lego men into the middle of a 2 litter bottle… “so the bad guys (or good guys) would be in caught in frozen animation.” LOL

  2. This was a funny post. Luckly they were saving lives. I had to explain to my 5 yr old that they don’t kill anyone at Batman, she is learning a lot of weird things in school…

  3. That’s what you get for watching Grey’s Anatomy while you think they’re playing with their Diego duplos on the other side of the house. My kids know how to perform a craniotomy. With a Venus razor.

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