Make sure moms REALLY dead before we dig the hole.

We have a hermit crab that is either dead or molting. It would seem that it would be easy to determine this, but it is not. Peter asked me what we would do if it was dead and I said, “bury it” He was so upset with me. His reply was, “well were not going to do that until we know if it’s dead for sure! How would you like it if I buried you before you were all the way dead? I mean, you know that one day your going to be very old and I need to be sure before we dig a hole.” Please Peter, be sure. I can’t even sit in the third row of the Suburban without having a claustrophobic fit.

2 thoughts on “Make sure moms REALLY dead before we dig the hole.

  1. I share your fear of being buried alive and I hope that a) my kid survives me and b) has the brains to have me cremated. I figure if you’re not a hundred per cent deceased, incineration is a faster finish to the job than entombment.

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