“Sexy” is the new “Cute” to 1st graders but not so much their parents…

“Sexy” is the new “Cute” to 1st graders but not so much their parents… I took Peter to the rollerskating school fundraiser I mentioned yesterday. He had a little girl who followed him the entire night. Everywhere. He came up to me and whispered in a desperate voice, “I need a buck!!!! Mom please! Just one buck, for a song dedication! Please!” This little girl was standing on the other side of him trying to act like she didn’t know what was going on, she looked so sweet and little and she was sucking her thumb(!!!!!). I couldn’t say no so I give him a dollar and then I hear the DJ start, “I’m Sexy and I Know It” and I look out and see Peter “WIGGLING”!
Oh my word!!!!  Oh my word!!!!  Can I ground his big brothers for showing him the music video where LMFAO is dancing in metal spiked speedos THRUSTING?
Not my proudest moment when the girl’s mom came over and mentioned how times have changed. I just did the smile where that wrinkle in my nose shows itself and my eyes close half way.  We were interrupted by another first grader that came up and asked me if Peter and this girl were, “In a relationship”. They are in first grade.  They do not need a FaceBook status.

4 thoughts on ““Sexy” is the new “Cute” to 1st graders but not so much their parents…

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    • By the time it comes you are ready! The good news is its never the oldest that does things like this. Our oldests are 12 and our 7 year old is trying to act like a middle schooler and the middle schoolers are really just super sweet and awkward with this stuff! Their friends show our boys the video, then they want to show me (thank God they want to show me this stuff and I will take it as long as they will share) and I have to act all cool and figure out how to bring up lessons without making them stop coming to me with something. The LMFAO video is totally (hilariously) inappropriate but if it makes my 12 year old feel rebellious I am again thanking God that it’s that and not worse or way worse… 🙂

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