Lessons For Sale

When asking one of my 12 year olds to empty the dishwasher he replies with, “I’ll give you $20 to do it for me mom.” I say, “That is terrible. What would I be teaching you if I were to say yes?” My 12 year old replies, “OK, fine $40.” Now I am thinking I may just take his money to teach him a whole new lesson. I turned around and shot him a look, completely accidental, and he began unloading. Lesson learned…12 year olds these days have too much cash.

When they were little they would sneak and "wash" the dishes!

3 thoughts on “Lessons For Sale

  1. $40? Forget the lesson. I’d have taken the money.
    But like you said, it says something about kids today: They have too much money.
    It says something else too: Your boys are both wry and clever.

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