You know that “Stonehenge that God built”

“You know it’s ancient…back when God made things…like those boulders in a circle that God made.” – Our seven year old Peter this morning.  I’m so taking them to church. Must find a church that knows I have no idea what to do WHILE in church, due to my Catholic school education, Serbian Orthodox services IN SERBIAN, and Southern Missionary Sunday mornings that resembled “The Exorcist” and I am darn confused, They cannot ask my husband for money while having 23 chandeliers hanging in the church the size of Volkswagens, (the chandeliers were a reason I refused to go back to one church we visited when the sermon was entirely about giving money to the church). They need to have services on Wednesdays at 6:30 when we don’t have activities going on. My kid thinks God built Stonehenge???? We used to go to a church before Peter can remember but then the parishioners kept wanting to come over with bread. Oh, and they can’t call me asking if they can come over with bread and talk about Jesus. We stopped attending that church when they called FROM OUR STREET at 6:30pm as I was washing the mashed potatoes off the wall that two year old Peter threw during dinner, for fun. So that’s it! It may be Peters own fault we don’t attend church. 😉 Have a good week!

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